Monday, November 18, 2013

Why I'm Done Blogging

So, it's been quite a while since my last blog post.  Just over a month, really.  And so today I'm just going to stop by here and say "bye" and give you my thoughts on why I'm done, at least for now.

1.  The time and upkeep and the guilt and being present.

I work 8 to somewhere between 4:30 and 6 every day, and tack on 2 hours of commuting.  And then a few nights a week I work at home too.  And I'm also taking on more at working and getting some new responsibilities.  We have our delightful puppy who needs lots of time and love and attention, and deserves to have that.  And of course I have my supportive and wonderful husband, who also deserves time and love and attention.

So when I get home at night, I want to be able to maybe take a quick run, or start dinner and have a glass of wine and relax with my boys.  Not feel guilty about not wanting to find clever gifs or not wanting to write up a good recipe, etc.  I want to be present and focused on our little family.

2.  I made a REAL friend.

I never planned on blogging to meet any friends, online or in real life.  But guess what?  I did it!  Lauren at Eat, Drink and Be Lauren (f/k/a Method to My Madness) and I hang out on the regular, and our e-mail strings and texts could fool anyone into thinking we've been friends for WAY longer than a couple of months.

So basically, it's way more fulfilling for me to spend a Saturday out shopping with her and having prosecco and pizza IRL for three hours than to spend that time locked in front of my computer.

3.  I didn't miss it.

I didn't write a "goodbye" post right away, because what if I wanted to come back a week later?  So I deleted Bloglovin', HootSuite, and the Facebook Pages app from my phone. And I removed my blog email from my phone.  I cut it all off cold, and guess what?

I didn't miss it at. all.  For the most part, I found that my life was better because I was enjoying what I was actually doing a lot more.  Not worrying about taking photos, or thinking of a clever post based off of Barley's latest quirk.  I also didn't miss feeling that I needed to be keeping up with other people's posts in order to garner attention to my own blog...which goes back to the time.

So today, I feel confident in saying "bye" to this blog for a while.  Who knows, maybe in six months or a year or in two years it will all change and I'll be back.  I didn't delete any of my social media accounts, so there's always that possibility.

Finally, if you're reading this now or you took the time to ever read my blog, thank you.  It's flattering that anyone would read anything I have to say, and it's extra-nice that so many of you did.  I hope that some of you will continue to follow my Instagram and we can stay "internet friends" in that way, and if you're interested in following along on Twitter, you can find me here.

See ya later alligators!