Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Weekender :: Vol. 8

So haven't really posted much about our weekends lately, but here's the wrap-up for this one!

Friday night...

Yummy glass of Tempranillo at dinner. There was also steak involved.

Then I maibs got attacked by Barley and snapped this pic. Yes, that is my baby blanket wrapped around my head. It comforts me AND protects my hair from being gnawed on.

Saturday morning we volunteered at a Cabrini yard sale my work was holding to raise money for our CEO's Christmas gift/donation in honor of him.  It was about 90 degrees by 11 when we left so I was glad we had a morning shift! 

After that, came home and baked some gross cookies we ended up throwing up, fail. And then also hosted an impromptu boy's gathering all afternoon.  

I maybe had this brandy manhattan...

Post that, my friend swooped me up and we went and got mani/pedis in a comedy of errors that included me wearing skinny black crops the ladies could barely pull up over my calves and my friend smudging her nail and then a toe nail. #failling

Toes are Sunday Funday by Essie...

Nails are just light pink shellac.

K so after that we met up with our gentlemen friends for our very good friend's last last dinner out before moving far away from us sweaty Houstonians. I say that because two weeks ago we took he and his wife out for dinner at Masraff's, which if you live here, GO and get a bison steak there immediately.

So anyways, we went to Pappacito's for a ridiculous amount of noms tex-mex and margs. Mine had some kind of blackberry liqueur situation floater on top of a regular marg. like 800 boozes and that's all you need to worry about.

Actually Bryan won with this Jalisco Tea he ordered, which is basically a tex mex Long Island. It was delish also. 

K so then we went to one of our favorite dive bars...we took a out a million pics, but sadly they are all on our friends camera and probably really unflattering. 

I did take a pic of this sign FINALLY to send to my lawyer friends. It always cracks me up in the ladies' room.

Fast forward to Sunday all my glory here at Trader Joe's struggling to buy groceries and wearing my friend from Chicago's sweet old t-shirt. 

Hot. Mess. Don't worry I also went to petsmart like this to get Barley's nails trimmed. I was also in an old pair of jean shorts. I'm literally offending myself as I type this. 

We got some quality snug time on the couch and then went to see "World War Z".  Which, ok. I basically felt anxious the whole time, I think normal people just say it was suspenseful but I have life issues so it was anxiety-producing instead. 

Honestly, ever since Brad Pitt adultered Jennifer Aniston, I basically only tolerate his movies if George Clooney is in them too.  That said, I'm definitely going to finish that book now. 

K so then I got crazy and made five dinners..well two but there was enough veggie chopping for five.

Stir fry we had last night. Chicken, snap peas, carrots, mushrooms, pineapple, some soy and teriyaki sauces and a little cornstarch to thicken it up. Omnomnom

Then I put together a crockpot full of soup for tonight-it's nothing fancy but its always so good. Potatoes, onion, carrots, tomatoes, basil, browned ground beef, barley (haha the grain not our dog), seasoning salt, bay leaves, water and a couple bouillon cubes. Add peas later for color and so they don't mush while it cooks.

Speaking of mush, look how grossly cute we are!  Just holding hands during Sunday night tv time. Like a bunch of sickos in love!

Oh, and to close our our weekend at 10 pm Sunday night, a MASSIVE cockroach appeared on our bathroom wall. I've never actually seen one indoors or up close, but Bryan gave it the business and even stood in the bathroom talking to me while I showered because I was scared of it. What a man.  

K so what summer movies did you see this weekend? Did you also "accidentally" mix tequila, beer, vodka, fireball and a delicious apple pie shot? But then recover and get your shit together to make a few meals and be a real person?! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

First World Problems

Let's talk problems, people.

I have been accused of being fancy, bougie, and maybe a little high maintenance. Shocker, I'm sure.  Most of this is by Bryan, every day week.

So I thought I'd share some of my personal first world problems today!  

Here are my seven biggest FWPs:

1.  When it hurts to brush out my hair because it gets tangly now that it's longer. 

2.  When I haven't actually purchased beer from a store in OVER A YEAR and now I'm so out of touch on beer prices :(

3.  When my Birchbox is a couple days late....but I need my fancy beauty samples, guys! 

4.  When our DVR screws up recording Real Housewives.  That's some rage-level bullshit to me.

5.  When I can't decide which Special K breakfast sandwich to have--sausage, egg and cheese or ham, pepperjack and egg?! Morning decisions are tough. 

6.  When my Sirius subscription is expired so I have to stream music via Bluetooth in the car.

7.  When we can't hook up our Google TV how will we browse the internet and Netflix all at once, in bed?!

K, your turn, what are your most ridiculous first world problems?!! Dying to hear the ridiculous-ness level that I know all of you are capable of!

If your main FWP is not having enough ways to consume booze, wine, and beer, go enter the giveaway that was made for you....the Boozy Bloggers Giveaway!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Wifing Win

I don't always feel like I "win" as a wife. In fact, I rarely even think of myself as a wife...that's for old people!

But it turns out I am, and have been one for almost a year now. We hit 9 months on in honor of that, I give you a huge win.

So, Bryan has these Abercrombie and Fitch pants.  He has had them for somewhere between 6-7 years. 

The bottoms of them were SO raggedy. Strings everywhere, holes.  I wish I had a photo. 

Sunday night he decided (after I mentioned it for the 100th time how gross they looked) that he would cut them off into sweatpants.

To "celebrate", we took the cut off bottoms and put them on our when Michael Scott on "The Office" goes all Survivorman and turns his dress pants into a hat in the woods!

K so I was celebrating...he was sad.

*cue Charlie Brown music*

No really though, I think he likes them better now! 

Sara-1, Grody pants-0

Happy Tuesday everyone, may you all have a small life win today!! 

I Like My Drinks 2Go With Me :: Review

When the great people over at The Product Farm contacted me to review a few of their products, I was SO excited and flattered for a few good reasons:

1.  I had seen these products on lots of blogs and thought they looked so cool!

2.  I love fun products that have to do with wine, beer, and booze in general.

3.  Most importantly, I like my drinks to be portable.  So now I will take y'all on a journey of the places my Brew2Go, VinoXL, and Vino2Go have gone, and also give you my review of these great products!

Disclaimer:  I received these products from The Product Farm to review.  My review and opinions are mine.

1.  Brew2Go grills with us.  Bryan works at a brewery, he knows beer.  It is his job to know everything he can about beer.  We get CASES of free beer every month.  So in short, beer is sorta our thing. At first, Bryan was a little skeptical about drinking out of a closed lid like that, but he said he really didn't notice a difference, and that he enjoyed how cold his beer stayed.  

Double-walled? Yes, please, and thank you again from Houston.

Fresh Mich Ultra poured up for myself.  I actually found when I used it that it made me drink a beer a little more quickly than I would have out of a bottle or can...probably a good thing!? Yes, yes, a good thing.

Balancing it precariously while I watch Arrested Development on the floor.  The awesome thing is that you can do this and not be totally terrified/not totally terrify your husband.

2.  My vino2Go and I had many fun adventures so far.  Cooking:

Kicking dog toys all around.  See how you can sloppily hold your red wine glass while you kick tennis balls, and nothing spills all over your new rug?  LOVE.

When you are watching old eps of "The Babysitter's Club" on Netflix at midnight on a Friday...vino2Go will always be there to not judge you. 

Add caption

3.  I have used my VinoXL way more than this, but pinning and wine, all on the couch without fear? YES. 

Overall, I loved the products! I think they are great, and I have enjoyed using them outdoors too, just didn't snap a photo yet!  The the VinoXL holds about half or 1/3 of a bottle of wine...even Bryan was like, "damn, you better watch out with that thing, LOTS of wine in it!"  

The only thing Bryan mentioned when using the Brew2Go was that he wished the lid was more tightly sealed/seemed a little bit tighter or more secure.  The glasses are sturdy and wash well, and I had no issues with leaks or anything like that!  They hold a perfect amount of beer or wine, and I think they make a really cool treat for yourself or a fun gift for others--something that is unique and won't be "just another wine or beer thing".  

If you'd like to have one of your own, hop over to the Boozy Bloggers Giveaway and enter to win one of three fab packages!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Why Baseball Games Are the Shizz :: Fan Friday

So it's not really a secret that I enjoy sports--me being a football and baseball fan is pretty much one of Bryan's favorite things about me.  One of my favorite things about summer is going to real, live, baseball games.  We did this A LOT back home...and it's 100% different because well, TAILGATING.  But here are a few of the reasons I adore going to games anywhere:

1.  I get to wear my awesome Brewers sausage race t-shirt. I'm obsessed w this. I'm actually on my second Bc my first got a gross grease stain probs from eating filthy ballpark food.

2.  Selfies at the ballpark make my hair look SUPER blonde I guess. Either way we have a ton of these and I love them all!

3.  Filth food part 1: bags and bags of peanuts. No really we had at least a lb. of peanuts Wednesday night. 

4. When you get seats that are just awesome you can't even deal because you can smell the dirt, and hear the players talking, and it's all just awesome.

5.  Filth food part 2: Nachos all night.

6.  BEER. Obvs brought my own koozies too for us!  No one wants a hot beer. 

7.  Filth food part 3: the shaming evidence the lurks under the seat in front of you all game.

There you go, guys.  There are a lot more, but this is what I managed to get pics of.  It's mostly food and beer, I know.  I swear I was also really into the game, and know player's names and stuff too, but I can't really capture that goodness on "film" a/k/a iPhone camera roll.

Venus Trapped in Mars

What are you waiting for? GO LINK UP for FF now :)  Kthx.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Boozy Bloggers Giveaway!

It all began with a dream. A dream to take reviewing Vino2Go (coming Monday, also pumped for that) to a whole new level. 

Naturally I thought of Adriana, who I hope you all know by now if you have ever read this blog before!  I proposed the idea of putting together a boozy giveaway.

 And so together we hopped on the liquor express train at the wino stop to brew-town.

Now, we, along with MANY of our favorite fellow boozy bloggers are proud to present:

The stars have drunkenly aligned and these AMAZING bloggers have all come together in one place, at one time to present you with the best Boozy Bloggers Giveaway there ever was.

Adriana // Sara
Alyssa // Cortney // Kate // Emily // Sarah // Carly // Candice // Stephanie

There will be 3 winners.
3 lucky, inebriated winners.  With myself and Adriana, plus all of the other amazing ladies above, those 3 winners will find themselves in a state of alchy bliss.
Will you be one of those lucky lushes?

**Brew2Go provided by The Product Farm**

**Party straws provided by RubyPop**

**Vino2Go and Vino2Go XL provided by The Product Farm**
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