Friday, March 29, 2013

K March, You're Out! :: H54F

Usually I start this post earlier in the week and edit it as the week goes on, however, this week has flown by and I'm here Thursday night all, "huh?!"

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1.  I made this delicious tomato tortellini soup for dinner. 

2.  I got mah hair did, and I love it.  We went for a ombre look with a nice, cool blonde on the ends.  I love it, yet somehow have no photos of it!

3.  I had a great run last Saturday of about 2 miles, minimal walking involved so that was good!

4.  Watched Zero Dark Thirty.  It was awesome.  Watch it. That is all.

5.  Also watched the whole second season of "Girls" on HBO.  Didn't like it as much as the first, but it was pretty entertaining!  Thank you, Comcast "Watchathon"-now through the end of the month!

Update ::  Bonus high five :: We went and scouted a loft apartment we may sublet and LOVED it.  We are doing paperwork tomorrow, so hopefully it will be official soon.  more space + less money each month = amazingness 


  1. The soup looks good! Recipe?

    Funny you should say that about Zero Dark Thirty...I rented it and have been contimplating actually watching it because I'm afraid it will scare me. Yes, I'm a baby.

    I felt the same way about Girls. I didn't even bother with the last few epps.

  2. Zero Dark Thirty is just very intense for a movie where you obviously know the ending--I haven't had nightmares...yet...! Thanks for catching up!


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