Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Whhhhat did we do this weekend?

That is a very good question--and here is the weekend catch up that I *thought* I posted yesterday.  Clearly I was a little behind.

had to take a pic of the area i parked in at the airport....so confusing.

ice cold vodka soda and gin&tonic bevvies after dinner Friday-outside.  bc it was 75.

en route to our friend's house for dinner saturday-cabbed it so no one was harmed while taking selfies

a weird amount of boy wrestling happened. whyyy?

then a little bit of a tree got found and used as a ninja weapon/skipping accompaniment

i hate snakes and this made me very happy.  i would buy something made of snakes (like a hat or clutch purse) just to BURN IT. 

I also got a couple of horrible mosquito bites that are really testing my patience.  And yes, you all needed to know that.

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