Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Furbaby Search 2013

I mentioned on Friday that we are on a search for a little furbaby of our very own!  Obviously this is really exciting, and we're doing a lot of research.  Here's what we know for sure right now:

1.  New apt. is much more friendly for larger dogs.  Our current building allows up to 30 lbs. or something if you're on floors 2-4, and we're on 3.  Our new place itself will be larger, (woo hoo to 100 extra sq. feet!!) and the building's management company allows up to 100 lbs.  We are definitely thinking a dog in the mid-range.

2.  We would probably like a dog that I could run with (for no further than 4-5 miles at a time probably), and that would enjoy going on long walks around the park with us.  So an active breed!

3.   However, I have always wanted a pup that is large and fun, but also thinks he is a lapdog.  I hope when we have a house that we will end up with two pups-one true lap dog and one bigger dog!  But for now, we would both really like a more active dog.

4.  There are certain breeds that our building won't allow-even if the dog is half of one.  I know pit bull, rottweiler, doberman, and a few others are on their no-go list.  Not our rule, so no snark on the comments please, we love all dogs! 

Here are some of the breeds & mixes we are really into:

german shorthair pointer puppy via

lab/pointer mix-via
lab/collie puppy via
grown up pointer via
So what does everyone think?  You can probably tell we'd like a dog with some lab in it. B's mom has a 3 year old Australian Labradoodle that we surprised her with almost three years ago:

fin the day he came home--imagine walking into this puppy ambush surprise!
posing for pics after a Christmas haircut
2 years old!
We love Finley, and I think one day we would love to have one pup just like him from the same (very reputable) breeder.   

Does anyone have any breed suggestions?  Tips on adopting a dog?  We are planning to pay our pet fee and deposit to our management company before we even start looking at physical locations (& not like crazy people online), so that when we fall in love with a dog we won't have to scramble to get that all taken care of!  If you've adopted a dog in the Houston area, what shelter did you work with? 


  1. Of course I'm going to say get a boxer, full of activity and big 'ol baby lap dog at the same time. My parents have a lab mix and hes a wonderful do though, I'd only caution you that some yellow lab mixes get very large compared to their black and brown counter parts and don't care to exercise. Good luck with your search, i'm ready for a 2nd doggy

  2. LOVE all of the pups! The biggest thing we have issues with (which we didn't realize we would) is shedding. The collie mixes may shed more than the others so heads up on that! (like I've said- I have more but I'll send it in my follow up email!)

  3. i highly recommend looking into adopting! i grew up with labs from great breeders, but adopted our dog, lola, a few years ago. petfinder is a great resource for seeing what is available. both my sister and i have adopted rescue dogs (as puppies) and have had a great experience! good luck with your search!

  4. I think all of those choices are so great!! i also love english springer spaniels (not the long hair the sporting breed!) and I am in Texas too!!
    Helene in Between

  5. Aww I don't think you can go wrong! Shelter dogs are lovers, I cannot wait to see which new baby you find!

  6. So exciting! I love our dog, we have a shiatsu maltese, but he is definitely not a runner! he likes to walk, but not too fast :) if you haven't found a dog yet, i have family in katy and they have adopted several dogs from houston. i can ask them where!


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