Monday, April 1, 2013

It's April, Peeps!

Ok, so here's my recap of what we did this weekend--

Friday Bry had off from work (and as we all know, I still haven't found a new job), so in the morning we went to check out a potential new apartment.   VERY excited.  I can't tell you how much we were overpaying at our current place, and now that he's been in Houston for almost a year (!) and myself since October, we have a  better grasp on areas, and whether or not we really needed to live in a "cool" neighborhood.

Let's be real, we are *not* that cool, so clearly we didn't need to overpay on location.  I think we will be very happy at our new place at the end of May since it will also mean that it's puppy time then...and wow do we need a puppy in our lives.

We had breakfast together, and then he went off to bottle some beer he's been making with a friend.  Because even on days you don't go to work at a brewery, you brew beer, check it's quality, and bottle it for a competition.  Ended up having dinner at said friend's house--huge steaks, artichokes, double baked potatoes, and probably other things I am forgetting.  It was a fat kid pig out fest.

Saturday started out very innocently.  We applied for our place and got approved.  Then we somehow ended up at the Galleria on a mission for sunglasses which quickly de-railed into a couple new dresses, new tops, some shorts for him, etc.   *cue danger zone music*

I made a ridiculously delicious meal for dinner on Saturday, cashew chicken over rice.  I will post the recipe later this week--so easy and literally haven't gotten such good reviews on a meal since I learned my mom's beef stroganoff.  It is a pinterest recipe, and a pleasantly surprising one at that!  (I think we've all been there with the shitty internet recipe situation.)

as bryan said, "the chicken looks like steak...and i like it that way."  that is code for, wow lots of soy sauce!
Sunday morning---Happy Easter!  I made another killer meal-honey ham, cheesed-up potatoes, green beans with green onions and bacon, and an arugula salad with green apples, red onion, walnuts and the most amazing champagne vinaigrette (it's from Trader Joe's, go now.) (And no, I can never spell "vinaigrette".  Thx spell check)   We had some angel food cake with fresh strawberries and of course some Easter candy.

oh and we had a really nice bottle of red too. oops.
someone else had approx. double the amount of perfect potatoes i did.
Oh, also, I made some killer caramel pecan rolls that are a family recipe for brunch along with hard-boiled eggs (dyed, duh.) and some crispy bacon that wasn't needed for the beans later.

this is an old pic from Christmas, but you can see the aforementioned pecan rolls.
can you tell i have a favorite holiday breakfast?! 
Pretty domesticated weekend as far as all that goes--we also got to Facetime with our nephew for his 10th birthday on Saturday.  We sent him a Dr. Who Monopoly set, and a couple of books, so it was fun to watch him open everything in real time.

This week is going to be crazy--I have FIVE amazing girlfriends coming into town Wednesday night-Sunday morning (6 am flight out), and they are all staying with there may not be as many posts this week, and I may not even make it to Friday at the rate we will be enjoying sun & cocktails.


  1. Sara - I didn't know you had a blog - so glad you commented on mine so that I could find yours :) Now, I'm going to creep and live vicariously through you. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Have so much fun with your visitors this week!

    1. I actually sent an e-mail this morning to you and a bunch of the other girls with my link! I wanted to wait until it was a little more developed before I got it out there!!

  2. I love cashew chicken!!! Can't wait for you to post the recipe so I can try it out!



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