Thursday, April 25, 2013

Selfie :: A Self Interview

A Selfie Blogger Interview

The lovely ladies over at Texas Women Bloggers are hosting a self-interview link party and I had to jump on the wagon, so here we go:

1. What part of the state do you call home?  We live in Houston-in the loop to be slightly more specific.  One month from now will be our one year mark-when B will have been living in TX for a full year! Can't believe how quickly time flies.

2. How long have you been blogging?  My first post was in October of 2012, but I feel I really hit my groove with it in January.

3. Why did you start blogging?  I was looking for a creative outlet, and B said he thought I would be funny and have interesting things to share, plus it lets family & friends back home keep up with us.

4. What do you hope to get out of the Texas Women Bloggers community?  I would love to read more about all of the other great cities and places around Texas!  Being new to the state, I know nothing about other regions and areas.  I think it's also a fun network, because after living here for a few months, I noticed that Texas is really it's own place.  I read somewhere that Texas isn't really "the South", and it's not really the "the Southwest" either, it's just Texas!  And I've seen that in so many ways, and love that a lot.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  I would like to be settled into my career, we would own our first home, and probably thinking about children.  I also think we will still be living in Texas.

6. If you could choose an actress to play you in your life, who would you choose and why?  I would choose Jennifer Lawrence, because I think she has the same sense of humor and honesty that I do about life.

7. Name 5 things on your Bucket List that you hope you’ll check off before you die?  I want to accomplish my whole 30 for 30 list!  The most important goals on there for me are:  run a half-marathon, visit Europe again, to buy a home, re-learn Spanish, and learn to sew.  

8. If you could be known for one thing, what would it be and why?  I want to be known for my cooking and hosting skills.  This seems pretty superficial I guess, but I think this is because I associate so much love growing up with my mom's cooking, especially at holidays, and I would love to follow in that tradition.  

9. Describe one “wow” moment in your life.  
When I walked down the aisle at our wedding.  I was looking at B, but there was an overwhelming moment where I saw all of our friends, family members, and the most important people in our life, basically watching us do this.  It was amazing, and you could really feel all of the love at that moment.  I will always remember making eye contact with a few people and the waves and big smiles I got back. I'm so happy I have such a vivid memory of this.  

10. If you could “be” anything (no consequences, no fear), what would you “be”?  I would like to be someone who has it figured out, as best as she can, for this moment in time.  If there is anything I know now, it's that your life can change in an instant from a simple phone call.  And I would like to be the sort of person who learns to quell the worry and just tackle what is actually happening right now.


  1. Ohh..loved reading your answers. I'm not sure what "in the loop" is, but I work in Huntsville during the week and go home (towards the DFW Metroplex) on the weekend. So not sure how far away that is from you, but I know it can't be too far. :)

  2. Girl, you're my fav. If you're hosting a party I want an invite :)

  3. I totally get what you mean by Texas being its own place. And I've never even been there:)That wedding memory is so sweet, I was just trying to get up the aisle without making the ugly cry face.

  4. Texas is definitely its own place! I have some family that lives in Pearland and we always love to go visit since it's so close to Galveston.

    Jennifer Lawrence is so awesome. I totally want to be her bff. She cracks me up.

  5. Hi Sara!!! So nice to get to know all the Texas ladies!!! Cute blog!!~~Angela

  6. Hi Sara!!

    I found you through Texas Women Bloggers! I'm sorta new to TX too by way of the West Coast. I totally get what you mean that TX is it's own!

    The Wondering Brain

  7. Hey there! I'm in Houston too, but waaaay outside of the loop, out in Cypress. Definitely need to meet up if we're ever in the same area!

  8. Definitely want to attend a party of yours! So nice to meet you! Xo!


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