Monday, April 15, 2013

The Weekender

Very, very low-key weekend happened around here.  Friday  was happy hour, a mountain of BBQ, and two movies on Netflix--Hunger Games and Bachelorette.  Highly recommend the second if you're looking for a vulgar, but ridiculous and funny girl comedy.  But guys will like it too, it's pretty ridiculous, and not at all like Bridesmaids.  Think more cocaine, more f-bombs, and less puppies and giant cookies.

took this weird selfie Friday before happy hour in our parking garage
picked up "a little" bbq after happy hour
We love us some BBQ, apparently.  We ate no where near all of this & they accidentally gave us FOUR extra sides we didn't order.

and by little, i mean what is wrong with us?!
about 11 pm on friday we had to make a golf ball run.  early tee time + forgetting = walmart stop
Saturday was so uneventful I have no photos of it-we went to Target, Academy, and Bed Bath and Beyond.  And then Trader Joe's for some grocery shopping.

Which, by the way--go immediately to TJ's (if you have one near you) and get their frozen breaded eggplant cutlets (see here)  for $2.29, and then bake them, and spoon a little TJ's marinara on top and enjoy the most simple, but delicious meal of your life.

Fast forward to Sunday:

coffee & couch morning

the game 94 seconds makes me so crazy---'merican isn't a musical style, but a UNICORN is a mode of transportation? #win

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  1. Yummmm BBQ! I won't complain about 4 extra sides! I have never tried the breaded eggplant from TJs. I am going to have to try it on my next trip!

    1. It's a perfect quick and meatless meal-so it's basically perfect! Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  2. Hahahaha love the unicorn answer! And I just saw Hunger Games was on Netflix! Watching it tonight!! (did you see the catching fire trailer is out?)

    1. Yes! I have watched it approx. 10 times already :) the fact that i even replied "unicorn" says a lot about me, jeez. lol

  3. It's great when you get extra food at a restaurant! I've never seen that game before but it looks like lots of fun!


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