Friday, May 10, 2013

Round of Applause for Friday :: H54F

I'm so happy it's Friday, we're just going to jump right in to the usual roundup:

1. We are moving two weeks from tomorrow, wow!  Packing is clearly underway.  And as always, beer just hanging out in the living room since we have no storage room for all of it! ((For those not in the know about that, Bryan maybe works for a "rather large" brewery, and we get free beer on the regular! It's awesome.))

2.  Big "MMM" to the bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin we threw together.  We actually combined our own spices based on perusing about 20 recipes, so I'll be sharing that one next week!

3.  In Training?! For what?! Well guys, I think I'm gonna go for it and train for the Houston Aramco HALF marathon.  I don't have a guarantee I will be in, you have to enter a lottery, etc., etc. but I will know by the end of June if I made the cut.  Either way, I am going to look for a halfie to run in January or December if I don't get into this one.

4.  These pink navel oranges are so good. Obsessed, highly recommend them if you can find them at a store nearby.

5.  Guys, our orchid is still alive!  And looks great.  Does anyone out there know how to continue to care for orchids? I am using the ice cube feeding method now, but eventually when these blossoms die I'll have to trim it and let it regenerate which is the part I'm terrified of! Advice?

On a side note, The Great Gatsby is out this weekend.  Ever since Honors Comm. Arts 10 (sophomore year of HS) I have loved this book.  We used to totally dramatize the whole "the beautiful shirts, the shirts!" scene in class amongst us girls.  And then we saw the Redford/Mia Farrow version and the shirts scene got even better.

And then all of the greatness of this new version--ugh the soundtrack.  It's everything.  And the costuming and all that? It's too much.  Here are a couple stills I particularly die over.

the headband, the bracelet/ring, the dress, all of it in general

drools incomprehensibly

What was the highlight of your week? Want to commiserate about moving/packing? 

Cheers to everyone having a great weekend!

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  1. ughhh I just love everything about you.

    ALSO FOLLOWING YOU ON IG! follow me back yo. ALSO make a fb page. It's real easy. for real.

  2. I cannot wait for the GG! We are going this weekend and I am dyyying to drool over Leo!

  3. found your blog via H54F! Excited to read more...good luck moving! And I'm super duper excited for the Great Gatsby (and Leo!) as well. Happy weekend!

  4. Oh I love finding new Texas blogs to follow! I loved the Great Gatsy in high school, too! Can't wait to go see this. :)

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    I can't wait to read more of your blog! :)




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