Friday, June 14, 2013

Lazy Blogger Week :: H54F

K, so obviously I barely posted this week, and most of that should be attributed to Mr. Barley who has been running our lives since Monday night!

Barley is adorable, and wonderful, and funny and just makes our day with his little tail waggling around!  I am a million times sorry to those of you who commented on our good news of getting him that I haven't replied to you--I promise replies are coming this weekend!

So, aside from the obvious good news that is HIM, here are my top 5 of the week:

1.  Making fun of myself for how unorganized I am despite my great planner.

2.  Puffins cereal for dessert the other night.  So legit.

3.  My two men.

4.  I definitely don't have a photo of this, but my new job is going so well, and I love it!  I feel really blessed that the  j o b situation finally worked out.  I don't even feel like it's work to go to work, so I know I enjoy what I'm doing despite the fact that basically everything is new to me!

5.  Us two hot messes, a/k/a Adriana at Dog Hair (just go, I don't even know why I have to include the link anymore, she's amazing, just go.) and I are putting together this AMAZEBALLS giveaway that goes live next Thursday. I scalped this pic from her blog that she photoshopped (thx girl) of us together at a bar.  

The giveaway is going to be all about boozy bloggers.  You know, you sit down at your computer with a glass of vino, maybe a tumbler of Jack on ice, or an ice cold beer in a koozie. Then you start typing and the words flow so well. We've gotten a lot of our favorite and fellow drunks  boozy bloggers together to join in on the fun, so look out for that coming soon!

Linking with Lauren for H54F as usual! Again, next week I will be back with more posts, including my famed newspaper/freehand painting DIY! :) 


  1. I want to smooch barley...happy friday :)

  2. i mean it doesn't even matter you haven't been around much because these puppy photos make up for it.

  3. Yay for your giveaway!! And don't be surprised if Barley goes missing and ends up with me in Boston!


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