Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Partyyy Peopleee {Nashville recap}

Airport-Vanity Fair and a surprise appearance by DD and the infamous pumpkin muffin. So good.

Woo we made it, didn't the MOH make the cutest gift bags?! We got snacks and bachelorette essentials. 

I contributed hangover kits with our bride's beautiful face on them.  Included was some alka seltzer, emergen-c, a wisp toothbrush, granola bar, tums, and mints. We definitely used them!

The trio of doom is reunited!!  Fireball commenced.  Don't worry, she is wearing a fanny pack boom box! Yes.

Loving life on the pedal tavern.  i was showing how easy it would be to fall off and then maybe one girl from our trio of doom (not me or the bride) did slip off and knock her head on the curb a little, but otherwise I highly recommend pedal taverns, especially if your city is flat. We got quite the workout going up some of those Nashville hills!

Sent this scary gem to Bryan the next morning as proof I was alive...but really though, we went to breakfast and a bar about an hour after this, so win! 

Saturday night we had our "nice" dinner out at a place called Cabana. It was amazing. 

Sweet potato biscuits and peach jelly. These were probably my favorite part of the meal! I already started pinning recipes to duplicate.

Fried green tomatoes with goat cheese and chow chow. AMAZING as well. 

And for the finale:

Sweet tea roasted half chicken. Scalloped potatoes. Southern green beans. This was pretty damn good, and I don't even like sweet tea. So if I did, I would have LOVED this. 

After dinner it was back to the downtown bar scene. We had gone up and down most of Broadway the first night, so we went over to the bars on Second Ave...including Coyote Ugly:

I hate CU, but wanted to share this pic as its the only one of me in my dress where you can also see my boots, haha. 

And the bride and I got some nice pics in too...not just hugging statues.  These are just of few photos that are shareable, because after CU, things got reallyyyy ugly.  We went home around 1:30 and the night commenced with our bride calling her mom a liar, jokingly of course, but it was hilarious.

Sunday we got ourselves together for brunch at Puckett's Grocery and Restaurant where a few of us had these Tennessee Painkillers.  

Whiskey, pineapple juice, coconut something..all you need to know is that they are delicious and hopefully I can find a full recipe for it eventually!  Highly recommend this place for breakfast...very reasonably priced and just what we needed to re-charge.

You know we hadn't had enough bar time yet, so we went back to Second Ave for more drinks before our flights...aren't these signs great?

Seriously nothing good besides weight loss has anything to do with salads.

One last lemon drop before we left! Oops.

And finally, my sad face photo when I was at the airport all alone, and everyone else got to go back to Chicago. My flight got delayed repeatedly so I didn't get home until 11 Sunday night, blerg!

Guys, I would go back in a heartbeat!  Nashville trumps Vegas for me as far asbachelorette party time goes--I loved being able to wear my boots and feel casual without judgment. Perfect for a crazy bachelorette weekend! 


  1. Glad you had fun! Nothing good starts with salad made me LOL. I will be your sweet potato biscuit taste-tester, just so you know.

  2. it looks like you had all of the fun! alllll of it.

  3. SO much food, im extremely jealous! Also that chalkboard sign is hilarious :) I need more of my friends to get married so I can attend these bachelorette shenanigans!

  4. That looks like an amazing girls' weekend! I've heard so much about Nashville so now I'm determined to make it happen!


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