Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Grinch Who Stole Fall {aka me}

Oh hey there everyone loving fall and posting the million awesome fall things you're going to do...let's talk about why I'm over fall before it's even hit Texas, and despite the fact that it's only October 1st.

FYI everyone, it will not be "fall" by weather definition until like, December here.  All other Texan readers feel free to correct me, but last year on Thanksgiving I remember it being in the 70s.  So maybe that's considered Texas fall?!

So maybe it is the weather, maybe it's jealousy, I have no idea, but I am so tired of reading about fall bucket lists.  This might be unpopular of me to say but it's too late now, and no, I am not sorry.  So I am a little bit like the Grinch who stole fall now, and I shall embrace that title!

Proof that at least one other person agrees with me and this is what inspired my post today.

Although I *do* genuinely enjoy fall things and pumpkins and halloween candy, here are three things I won't be doing this fall and three things that I will get past my grinch-ness to do. 

1.  Making pumpkin s'mores while crafting a pumpkin garland while wearing pajamas made of pumpkin while drinking liquefied pumpkin infused with cinnamon pumpkin vodka while watching a show about how to integrate pumpkin into 100% of your life all the time always.

I love pumpkin in bread, pie, and cake form. But I seriously feel like the envelope is being pushed withe the pumpkin stuff on Pinterest lately.  Roasting pumpkin seeds is also totally acceptable!

2.  Being murdered or worse, just touched by a character at a haunted house/forest/corn maze/basement.

I hate haunted houses so much.  Along the same premise of the scary movie, WHY would I pay anyone to scare me?! One time in high school I faked puking at a haunted house so I didn't have to go in. I get anxiety even thinking about it now.

3.  Wearing awesome boots, sweaters and leggings combos.

So this one is just pure jealousy!  Not gonna lie, I miss the fall wardrobe options I used to have in the Midwest...sweaters, boots, scarves, cute hats and coats.  Yes, this one is all jealousy.  Sunday I tried this..I got leggings, and a slouchy striped sweatshirt out which was warm enough, so I ended up with sandals on.  That's literally as close as I will get to a fall outfit and I just need to accept it and move on.

Ok, so here are three fall bucket-list things I will  happily do!  This is the portion of the list where I prove I do not hate all things fall.

1.  Baking a pie.  

I will not bake it until Thanksgiving, but I will bake at least one or two pies for Turkey day.  I made my very first pumpkin pie last year, and also made an apple crisp we loved.  So I'm all about the warm fall desserts.

2.  Eating lots of Honeycrisp apples.

Weirrrrddd (heavy dose of sarcasm here), but I haven't seen this on a lot of bucket lists despite the fact that HC apples are only available in fall.  Truly, HCs are one of my favorite things about the fall season, so I definitely look forward to this every year.

3.  Decorating for fall.

I kind of want to shun this, but I was out at Target and saw lots of nice decorative items, and I'm thinking of taking a lunch-hour detour to Kirkland's this week at work. I am actually planning on making cheesecloth ghosts for us; here is the pin I will be working from, hopefully get this done during the week or over next weekend!

I am also going to haul out some of the other fall decorations we have.  I usually put a strand of pumpkin lights into a big glass bowl or vase thingy and have mostly neutral fall decs, not huge into having to do Halloween AND Thanksgiving, so I stick to pumpkins and things of that nature for the most part.  Honestly I think a nicely scented fall candle just about does the trick for me now, and is pretty low-maintenance.

What will you be passing on and going for this fall season?!  Do you ever feel like the holiday/seasons get totally over-done online?


  1. Ummm, I love this post, for obvious reasons. I too stick with neutral fall decor so I can put it out mid-September and not touch it til the Christmas decorations come out. But I love the cheesecloth ghost! Also your Kuzco gif wins the internet today and this is only like, the 2nd blog post I've read. I'll bring the cinnamon infused pumpkin vodka for ya on Thursday!

  2. hahaha love this. have you seen the youtube video that is a PSA for obsessive fall disorder? or something close to that?

  3. It's going to be 78 here today in Philly, and I don't give a crap because it's not 90 with a gazillion percent humidity. Sorry you've had your fill of fall!

  4. I'm with you on the first one only because I am not a huge pumpkin flavor lover. And boots and sweaters are necessity- I so wish I could be in flip flops still!

  5. But at least this weekend the overnight low is in the 50's. So if you get up real early, you can enjoy that :) Yes, last year we ate Thanksgiving on the back porch. We also grilled dinner outside in shorts on Christmas Day. Crazy warm weather! Midwest winters are the best :)

  6. I swear, PSLs were my life in college. And then I moved back to Texas and I've just lost the taste for them. It must have to do with the fact that fall here isn't really fall. But I will rock some leggings, boots and long sweaters as soon as the temp hits low 60s :)

  7. Haha! This is my first Texas "fall" and I'm from Utah where fall is a glorious month and a half and then winter begins. I loved it so much there and the boots were my favorite part - so yes - I feel pure jealousy now that I can't wear my boots here! YET. I am sure I will get to rock them in December. Also, I love pumpkin stuff but not so much in liquid form. Bread, Cake, Pie, yes please.

  8. hahahaha i love this post so much. yes, texas will be here around december. i do our city's Christmas parade, and last year it was like 65 degrees while i was preparing all day. crazy.

    and no haunted houses. i HATE them. i'm so glad i am not the only one.

  9. I love my boots...I don't know why its such a thing for me...but I will wear boots 90% of the time in fall and the winter. Here its almost like I transitioned from flip flops right to boots.


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