I'm relocating my 30 for 30 list to it's own page.  You can find my original post from March here.  I will be posting updates, links to posts about updates, and other randomly related items!  Some of the goals are silly, some are new experiences just for the fun of it, and some are practical and will push my comfort zone.

1.  Adopt a pet 
2.  Run five 5K races

3.  Run a half marathon :: Registered for Houston Half Marathon in January 2014

4.  Cook a multi-course (six? seven?) dinner party for at least six people.

5.  Actually become good at painting my own nails

6.  Go to Europe
7.  Cook my way through a whole cookbook (minus seafood recipes--my list, my rules)
8.  Make my own chocolate candy (not a bark, something more involved)
9.  Buy our first home!
10.  Make a list of Texas restaurants to try and cross them all off!  
11.  Bake four colors/flavors of macarons.
12.  Re-learn Spanish/get Rosetta Stone
13.  Go to the dermatologist!  Got the all clear in May, go back in November 2013.
14.  Visit New Orleans (preferably during Mardi Gras)
15.  Begin/continue paying off my grad school student loan debt.  Auto-pay is set-up and I'm on track to have paid of $3,000 by the end of the year.  
16.  Learn to shoot a gun properly
17.  Own a total of eight place settings of our wedding china and the stemware to go with it (currently have 2 settings, 0 stemware)
18.  Buy a sewing machine and learn how to use it
19.  Visit New York City
20.  Complete one DIY project that requires staining, a hammer and nails, power tools, etc.
21.  Watch the IMDb Top 250.
22.  Rent a dress on Rent the Runway for a wedding/event
23.  Learn to golf finally!
24.  Go carb-less for a week.
25.  Have a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30. (This is my "something ridiculously expensive that you bought just for yourself" item.  And I've been obsessed with this bag since my first "real" job when I was 22.)
26.  Get a Sunday subscription to the newspaper (I love reading the Sunday paper and would rather just have a subscription, plus it's cheaper this way!)  Bryan out-did me and got me Wednesday-Sunday :)
27.  Read 30 new books (Including some from genres I would not usually read)
28.  Go to one yoga class a week for at least three months 
29.  Actually do one of the 400 million mason jar DIYs I have pinned! 
30.  Begin going to church regularly

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  1. I love your #1! Adopting is the best :)



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