Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Additions

We recently put up two 3-foot long shelves above our television.  I really love the placement of them, but I'm having trouble curating what to put on them--it seems like it should be much easier to find knick-knacks to rest up there, but the shelves are very narrow (about 2 inches deep), so they aren't designed for much besides frames and other "flat items"!

Here are "the shelves", well one of them.  I just noticed it looks a little
crooked here, but it isn't in real life!  See what I mean?  The composition is just "off"
That said, I think I may experiment with moving other pieces of framed art we have around the house so I can try new items on the shelves.

I got some goodies in the mail this week--most exciting is the addition of my "medium"-sized lantern from Pottery Barn that my sister and her family got me for my birthday!  We already received the large and small sized lanterns as wedding gifts--and I love how you can change them up they are for each season, plus they can also go outdoors one day when we actually have outdoor space.  All three sizes I have plus the extra-large lantern can be found here:  Pottery Barn Malta Lanterns

My little fall tableau  going on with the lanterns!
I am still waiting on my October Birchbox to arrive, and can't wait for a round of awesome beauty samples!  And I should mention here how awesome their customer service is--I didn't receive my first two months of my subscription (August and September), and since the boxes are now out of stock, they are giving me November and December gratis! 

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