Friday, October 19, 2012

Top 5 of the Week

Here are five great moments of this week--

1.  I had a great job interview, and feel good about the potential there.

2.  I bought a new Camelbak water bottle on sale at Target for $12, and I'm totally obsessed with it!

3.  Tried out a new recipe-Chocolate Chip Banana Oatmeal Cookies.  They were/are delicious.

Said delicious cookies.  
4.  Tonight we have plans to see Argo, and we are both really excited, which rarely happens when it comes to movie choices!

5.  We registered for a 5K on Thanksgiving morning this week.  Neither of us are great or "real" runners, whatever that may mean, but we are excited to have some good motivation to work out together and hopefully do more in the future.

Have a great weekend enjoying fall!


  1. The cookies look delicious!
    Please do share ;)

    <3, Cai

  2. Those cookies look amazing. :) Happy Friday!


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