Wednesday, April 10, 2013

:: Chi-town, I'm coming home again ::

You guys, you guys, you guys.

Chicago is the greatest.  It cracks me up living in Houston, because people are always like, "Oh you lived in Chicago?? It's SO dangerous there."  I have several responses to this...varying from "Well I lived in safe areas..." to "Oh and Houston's such a prize all the time?!" JK on the last one--usually I just say that not all Chicagoans live in the bad areas.  All major cities of  course have their issues, though.  But I don't think most Chicagoans would say "gun violence" as the first thing that comes to mind.

Personally, I think of all of the amazingly fun times I've had there, and the hilarious stories, and my bachelorette party, and my college and grad school days spent in the loop, running scared from all the pigeons on Wabash.

the buildings.  sears tower. 'nuff said.
always taking architectural boat tours even though you've lived there. (i've done at least 7.)
brewers vs. cubs at wrigley.  from a neighboring rooftop. ps go brewers.
friends who make you emergency kits like this full of treats when you move to milwaukee
view looking right from my balcony
View straight-on from my balcony (this was at my fifth apartment in the city)
Work Christmas party at The Palmer House
Watching the Packers crush the Bears time after time on their turf
the sweatiest fourth of July's imaginable
watching Transformers 2 or 3 or whatever film right in front of my place! 
old place! Small, but well-loved
having to drive an hour minimum to get this close to farm animals
the storied ornament house at the Chriskindlmarkt where you can only walk one direction and not double back!
potato pancakes and gluhwein at Chriskindlmarkt--omnom.

I have a million more memories & photos of living here.  I am so excited to be going back in a month for a weekend trip to see everyone and celebrate one of my best friend's graduations from law school!


  1. i'm heading to chicago the first weekend of may! i've had so many recommendations....we are definitely doing the architecture tour by water and trying to go to second city, any have to see/eat recommendations??

    1. if you have time for a museum, i highly recommend the art museum above all others in the city-the modern wing is amazing! i can't say enough good things about a water tour-river cruises trump lake cruises in terms of seeing the architecture. skip the lines at the sears tower and just admire it from the ground :)

      kingston mines for great blues, redhead piano bar for wine and martinis (and people watching all of the tipsy cougars-a girlfriend of mine and I used to spend endless weeknights in college here posted up at the bar making friends with bartenders).

      for meals-mercat a la planxa, quartino, nacional 27, mia francesca, adobo grill. (most of those are downtown/near downtown if that's where you're staying.

      i would also say beyond the mag mile try shopping in the gold coast, old town, lincoln park, and near north side area! far less touristy and some smaller boutiques.

      as you can tell this would go on forever, but let me know if there are any specific things you're looking for!


    1. I know peep, I know! I do too! I'm preparing my "Chicago Trip" soundtrack soon for when the plane necessary.

  3. That's hilarious that people think Chicago is dangerous! I wouldn't know what to say to that one... although I've always lived in the suburbs. Looks like you have some great memories here/there.

    1. It takes a great deal of restraint to not laugh wickedly sometimes..."No, you know, I never got knifed on the El, but someone did steal my wallet at a Panda Express during my lunch hour once." True & sad story.


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