Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Place, New Additions

So, as some readers know, we are moving to a new apartment at the end of May.  Our current place has carpeting (which I greatly dislike), and new place has stained concrete floors (big yay!).  Obviously when we buy a house, I would prefer a combination of hardwoods and tile throughout (except bedrooms at B's request), but that's another day, another convo.

One of the biggest things about the new place is that we will need at least one rug.  So here are some potentials I've been

hm this one looks like it has more "pop" on the site
this guy got a little blurry, but i love it
What do you think?  I want a bold, but modern/classic look.  Something we won't get sick of in a year or two, but something that doesn't remind you of your great-grandma's house either.  Something with color for sure-I'm drawn to blues, and our couch is sort of a dark mushroom color-neutral and can match with many colors! Send websites or suggestions my way, y'all!

Update :: Also found this one in a magazine today when my internet was down:

the only issue is that it's indoor/outdoor and may be too thin/not very good-feeling on the feet?!


  1. I reallllly like the top one! I feel like rug buying is such a big decision!

    1. It totally is! I like #1 too, some combo of the color and pattern is almost soothing to me & not as harsh as the others.


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