Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring is Happening :: H54F

We are in full on spring mode here in Houston (I hope!)  B and I both marvel at how quickly you can adjust to warm weather year round after 25 years in the Midwest.  I got a little nostalgic for snowy winters and cute winter coats earlier this week looking at Chicago pictures.  Then I remembered how cool it was to not have to wear a down coat to my ankles.

Here's my usual round up of the week::

1.  Craziest thing I did this week?? Create a button for my blog that's now debuting on Friday!  So go ahead and grab it, we can swap, whatevs!  I honestly have no idea how all of that works but I see them on everyone's blogs, and I gave it a go.  Pretty pleased with it for now & like the pop of b&w on my very colorful page.

Grab button for Sara In Texas
<div class="Sara-In-Texas-button" style="width: 200px; margin: 0 auto;"> <a href=""> <img src="" alt="Sara In Texas" width="200" height="200" /> </a> </div>

2.  I finally got a photo into this beautiful frame we got for our wedding--ok, this actually happened *last* week, but I'm behind & I've been admiring it this week.  We have been joking that we basically have to get a dog because we are starting to have too many photos of our wedding/ourselves around the place.  And if you were hoping we wouldn't be those people who do a photo Christmas card with our dog, you're sorely mistaken, we definitely will!

3.  I had a job interview for one position that turned into a job interview for a different/ok, better position *snaps*.  We'll see how it pans out...I'm working a lot on letting my anxiety about finding a job go and just trusting that God's plan for me will happen when it happens.  

4.  We signed our lease on our new place this week!! It's for real, and final.  This situation couldn't have worked out better for us, or the girl we are sub-leasing from.  Now we will have to book movers, but that will be easy enough.
weird pic, but this is our new place.

5.  I booked tickets to Chicago for my friend's law school graduation weekend!  I am *so excited*.  For more evidence of that, please see Wednesday's post over here.

can't wait to celebrate for peeper & have a mini reunion with my friends there
6.  Birchbox came on Wednesday! And boy did I get hooked up:

tag team with women's health mag for april! super exciting
my haul this month
Here's what is inside:  three samples of the same color-protective shampoo/conditioner, an eye cream, a body wash, tea, a y e a r long subscription to Women's Health (big yay!), and a full-size creamy lip pencil/gloss/color.  I will definitely be playing with my samples over the weekend/next week and posting my reviews soon.  I was actually very pleased with the items I've tried so far, and this is one of my favorite boxes all-time I'd say.  Mayyybe the year of Women's Health is swaying me a bit.

7.  For good measure here's a seventh:  We ate a lot of homemade guacamole this week.  Inspired by how much I ate last weekend with the girls in town probably!  Since there are just two of us, we use one avocado, about half a small vine tomato, and chopped red onion to taste.  Then I put about a teaspoon or so of the guac pre-mix you can buy at the grocery store...if it's not quite right, we add a little more.  One mix packet calls for two avocados, but we've used one pack across two so far with plenty more left.

please enjoy sorority afghan as the super classy backdrop

Happy Friday and have a relaxing and great weekend, everyone!

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  1. 1. love guac
    2. SO GREAT with the button! I was looking for yours yesterday and now I can add it!
    3. I'll have one eventually.. haha

  2. Thanks! Here is the tutorial I used for mine:

  3. mmm who doesn't love homemade guac!
    Happy Friday!
    Stop by some time


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