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Summer Drinking Games :: Guest Post!

To celebrate the weekend, today we have a guest post from Adriana a/k/a this girl:

Dog Hair Is An Accessory
She is the best and we are bloggy besties, so enjoy the fun she has in store for you below, and click above to check her out if you haven't already!

Hey guyssss! I’m Adriana from Dog Hair Is An Accessory and I’m SO PUMPED to be here. If you don’t already know I have a HUGE crush on Sara aka SaSa and since we text basically always I know it’s mutual. Unfortunately I live about a bajillion miles away from her lovely (NEW) apartment in Texas because I’m up here in CT freezing my balls off. (I’m aware that it’s summer but whatever I basically live in the arctic)

Trying to decide what my guest post should be about was really hard! I thought about going the “get to know me” route but then I was like mmmnahhhh. Then I was gonna go the “If SaSa came to visit..” route but I kinda got depressed that it wasn’t actually a planned event yet so no on that. But then I got frustrated and was like "UGH I'll just have a glass of wine" and it hit me! BOOZE! So I came up with..

Some of these you may have heard of, or played under a different name or different rules but they are ALL hilarious and such great games for summer BBQs and parties!!

(This basically has to be played outside. It's messsssy)
Number of players: However many fit at the table

What you need:
   1.      a large number of solo cups (I suggest 20-40 depending on how 
         many play, plus 2 extra)
   2.      enough beer to fill all the cups in the center to your desired 
         amount (I suggest to the first indent aka flip cup amount)
   3.      ping pong balls (1 for every 5 people, minimum 2)
   4.      table

How you set it up:
1.      place all but 2 cups in the center of the table in a cluster
2.      fill up cups with beer to your desired amount
3.      have people stand in a circle around the table
4.      give two people at opposite ends of the table a pong ball and empty cup

How to play:
1.      people with the ball begin by bouncing the ball on the table to get it in their own cup
2.      once they get it in they pass the cup and ball
         if made on their first attempt, pass to anyone in the circle
         if made after multiple attempts, pass to the left
3.      when the cups catch up to each other and the person on the right gets the ball in their cup before the person on the left can get rid of theirs, the person on the right SLAPS the cup of the person on the left off the table and passes their cup and ball to the next person to the left
4.      the person who got SLAPPED grabs a cup from the center, drinks it, retrieves the ball and begins trying to bounce the ball into the new cup

How to win:
If you're sober, you win.. or lose depending on the intention!


Number of players: 2

What you need:
   1.      drink of your choice
   2.      deck of cards
   3.      table

How you set it up:
place 5 cards in a line between you and the other player with the middle one face down

How to play:
1.      the person guessing says if the first card to be drawn will be higher or lower than the first card in the line (ace high)
2.      the dealer places the first card in his deck on top of the first card in the line
         If the guesser is incorrect at this point or at any other guess they drink and start over
3.      continue with the next card in the line (higher or lower)
4.      when the face down card is reached, the guesser says whether the card is black or red
5.      the dealer flips the card and continues
         if the guesser is wrong at this step, place a new card face down on top of the middle card and start over
**if the deck runs out, leave the top cards and collect all cards underneath, shuffle and begin again**

How to win:
Guesser gets through the entire line of 5 cards, then switch roles!

**very similar to beruit**

Number of players: 6

What you need:
    1.      18 cups
    2.      enough beer to fill all cups halfway-ish (about 5 beers total)
    3.      table
    4.      3 ping pong balls

How you set it up:
1.      set up 9 cups along the edge of each end of the table
2.      make 3 “mini racks” from those 9 on each side
         each player will have their own “mini rack”
3.      fill up cups to desired amount
4.      one team starts with 1 ball, other team starts with 2

How to play:
1.      on 3..2..1..GO play begins
2.      players shoot for any cup n the opposing players racks
3.      when a cup is sunk, the player behind that mini rack has to drink and CAN NOT throw the ball until the drink is finished
         the player drinking can hand off the ball to a teammate
4.      once a players mini rack is all hit, they can no longer shoot the ball
         the player can play “offense” by trying to collect balls that have fallen on the floor/lying in the middle of the table and give them to teammates
**balls on the floor or table are free game but players must stay on their sides while trying to collect the loose balls**

How to win:
Whichever team has cups standing at the end is the winner!

7, 11, Doubles
Number of players: as many as can fit at the table

What you need:
   1.      1 tall/large glass or cup
   2.      drink of your choice (preferably beer)
   3.      a set of dice
   4.      table

How you set it up:
   1.      place cup in the middle of the table
   2.      players get in a circle around the table

How to play:
1.      first person rolls both die
2.      if something other than 7,11 or doubles is rolled, they pass the dice to the next person to the left
3.      if 7, 11 or doubles is rolled, they choose who drinks
4.      all players other than the “drinker” and “roller” pour as much of their drinks into the center cup as they want
5.      whenever there is a lull in pouring, the “drinker” can grab the cup and start chugging
6.      the “roller” starts rolling the dice as soon as the “drinker” grabs the cup
         if 7, 11 or doubles is rolled before the “drinker” finishes, time is up, the cup goes back on the table and other players can add beer again and the “drinker” can grab the drink and try again
         if 7,11 or doubles is NOT rolled before the “drinker” finishes, the empty cup goes back in the middle and the “drinker” becomes the “roller”

How to win:
Be able to get thru the game without vomming or giving up

Number of players: as many as can fit in the circle

What you need:
   1.      large number of solo cups
   2.      enough beer to fill cups to the first indent (aka flip cup amount)
   3.      enough of your choice of liquor for “bomb cups” (1 bomb for every 
         10ish cups)
   4.      table
   5.      ping pong ball

How you set it up:
1.      mark “bomb cups” with a mark at the bottom of the cup
2.      fill up the cups with beer and liquor
3.      place all cups at one end of the table forming a pyramid with the base at the edge (bomb cups scattered)
4.      players get in a circle around the table

How to play:
1.      person standing opposite the cups starts by shooting the ball
         if a cup is made, the cup goes off to the side
         if no cup is made, the person takes the cup closest to them in the pyramid and drinks it
2.      next person shoots
         if a cup is made, the cup goes off to the side
         if no cup is made, the person drinks all cups on the side
**if there are no cups on the side and a person misses, they take the closest cup from the pyramid and drink it**

How to win:
Avoid having to drink the bomb cups!

Number of players: as many as you want!

What you need:
   1.      drink of choice
   2.      party stick on mustaches (you can buy them here or they are at 
         party supply stores)
   3.      TV
   4.      movie or TV show of your choice

How you set it up:
1.      place 2 or 3 mustaches on the screen at varying heights and positions
2.      queue up what you will be watching

How to play:
when a mustache lines up..
         as a unibrow drink 1
         almost perfect on a guy, drink 2
         almost perfect on a girl, drink 3
         almost perfect on a guy, with a mustache drink 4
         perfect on a guy, drink 5
         perfect on a girl, drink 8
         perfect on a guy with a mustache, drink half
         perfect on a person in a dramatic/emotional scene for a whole line/monologue, finish your drink!
         Almost perfect or perfect on multiple people at once, finish your drink!

How to win:
Stay awake and drinking throughout the game

KINGS (Now I know basically everyone has played some version of this one but here are the rules we play by)
Number of players:  as many as you want!

What you need:
   1.      drink of your choice
   2.      full, unopened beer can
   3.      deck of cards
   4.      table

How you set it up:
1.      place the beer can in the middle of the table
2.      make a ring of cards, face down around the beer can

How to play:
1.      One at a time, each player takes a card and follows the directions based on the following rules:
2- you: pick someone to take a drink
3- me: you drink
4- whore: most recent person who pulled a king tells you to drink whenever they like. *this 
            lasts the whole game
5- jive: start singing a song and whoever joins in last drinks
6- thumb: put your thumb on the table. whoever is the last to notice and put their thumb on 
            the table
7- categories: pick a category. whoever can’t come up with an example of that category, drinks (ex. Amazing Blogs- Sara In Texas, Dog Hair Is An Accessory etc)
8- social: everyone drinks
9- bust a rhyme: say a sentence and the next person has to say a sentence that rhymes with yours (ex. “Sara’s awesome” “I used to watch Blossom”) whoever can’t think of one or says a rhyming word that’s already been used, drinks
10- point and hold: pick someone to drink for as long as you point at them
Jack- never have I ever: hold up three fingers. name something you’ve never done. if players have done that thing, they put down a finger. next person names a thing. continue until someone has put down all three fingers. that person (or people) drink
Queen- questions: hold this card and ask a question at a random point in the game. if the persons answers your question they drink. they can follow up with another question until someone gives an answer or draws a blank then that person drinks
King- pimp: tell the “whores” when you want them to drink
Ace- waterfall: ask a question to the people on your immediate right and left, whoever is correct starts after you. start chugging until you feel like stopping. everyone else has to keep drinking until the person before them stops
2.      when the card is finished, the person who pulled the card slides it under the tab of the unopened 
3.      play continues until the can pops open
4.      the person who’s card popped the can drinks the beer

How to win:
don’t be the one who pops the can!

SO there's that. There are obviously more fun games to play but these are oretty much the essentials. My favorite is probably Slap-A-Hoe (by the way I think my friend made up that name) and I love it because I'm dirtyyyy at it. (In a good way).

So if you haven't already come by and said hi, DO IT. I love friends. And a friend of Sara's is a friend of mine!

Really tho, if you're friends with her I already consider us friends so you should prob introduce yourself!


  1. These are amazing!!! We definitely play Kings all the time and the rest with a few differences. Never with the slap portion of slap a hoe though, that's amazing.


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