Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Texas Tuesday

Masons Mama

Woo let's hear it for double posts today!

It's Texas Tuesday, which is a new link-up I found through Aleshea over at GlitznGrits....it's amazing, and all of my Texas ladies should join in on the action.

Since we've lived here for almost a year, I'm going to share some photos of the adventures/things we've done/seen/eaten here in Texas:

we've never eaten here, but love the pic i snapped.
we do love and have a whole new level of appreciation for bbq though!
sleeveless on december 13th at a Christmas party.  that's houston for you!
Christmastime in San Antonio-no coats, suckas!

Sidenote: Can you tell I revel in how great the weather is here in winter?  Summer will be a different story, don't worry.  The brags can't last forever.

Riverwalk at Christmastime 
the first time we ever drove into downtown...and the beginning of learning the houston freeway system
beach day
how would I know how awesome I am at drinking brandy without my tumbler?!

We love living here, and can't wait to see a lot more of the great state of Texas.


  1. haha.. love it. Super cute pictures too. I am a transplant to Texas too! I love it! Texas rocks! :) Found you from the Friend Connect Blog Hop... following you via facebook.

    Krista @ joyfulhealthyeats

  2. just kidding.. through bloglovin!! haha..

  3. Hi there! Visiting from Texas Tuesday. :) That picture of the Riverwalk is beautiful! I haven't been to San Antonio in years! :)


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