Friday, May 31, 2013

The End of House Spousing :: H54F

So, this week was officially my last as a house spouse!  I will be starting my grown-up job on Monday, and I'm thrilled about it.  Linking with Lauren like usual!

1.  I got an iPhone 5!  As some of you know, last week, right before the move, my 4 took a tumble in the parking garage and I shattered the shit out of that screen.

So now, upgrade + we have buy back with Best Buy = pure joy.  And love my new wallpaper too!

2.  My car got blacklisted from being driven.  So basically, the Lovely on this is incredibly sarcastic.  Did I mention that I downloaded the Beautiful Mess app onto my new phone? Oh, did I ever.  Wait til you see the rest of this week's highlights...

As I self-described this to my bloggy BFF, Adriana at Dog Hair, my car climbed "Brokeass Mountain" this week.  You could see through places in the frame you should definitely. not. see. through.  It was mostly rust damage from years fighting snow, salt and Midwest weather.  I'd only had it for about 2 years though, so pretty sad for me since it was my first "adult" car post-high school.

The mechanic actually was shocked it was driveable. Ok so now we are just happy no one ever has to drive it again and there wasn't an accident.

3.  As a result of #2, NEW CAR!!  Like, brand-spanking new.

We ended up deciding on a 2013 Jetta TDI.  I won't be driving it though, I'm taking Bryan's 2010 Escape that we got a year ago since I prefer an SUV to a car.  This one isn't ours, but is pretty much exactly what it will look like when we pick it up tonight after it gets it's window tint.

4.  Finally went to the dermatologist.  Big deal for me, and if you're curious why, see yesterday's post right here.  I had three moles removed, and hopefully it will all be good news.

It's a high five because it was stressful, but I can cross one more item off of my 30 for 30 list now!  Woo!  Also..again w/ the beautiful mess app.  Uhh yeah, I'm def gonna make magic happen with this app from now on.  Deal w/ it!

And I will not lie about this..I had myself a delightful McDonald's breakfast afterwards as a reward.  Sometimes you gotta get a little Pavlov-ian on your own ass and try to trick your future self! 

5.  Had these delicious chicken, pepper and pineapple packets for dinner...recipe plus another chicken & pepper one coming to you next week!

I have a ton of food photos & recipes ready to share with you guys!  Get excited...that is if you love chicken, various bell peppers, and brown rice :)  

And, a bonus 6.  This is a fun sneak peek of a DIY I've been working on for seemingly forever.

It involved staining newspaper with tea, covering this 36x24'' canvas, and then abandoning it for weeks while we moved, I got a job and shit went down.  Now, we have part of the lettering painted on and it just needs to be refined :) Coming SOON, promise.

K, y'all!  How was your week??  Did you car break down and the mechanic ask you how you even drove it there?  Did you un-abandon a big DIY living room project?  Or did you have an awesome, normal week with coffee and wine drinking, good recipes, pinning cool ideas, and actually reading your favorite blogs?!! I envy all of you, and wish nothing but the usual for your weekends as well :)

I'm also excited to announce that I'll be sponsoring Sarah at Venus Trapped in Mars in July!  Girl is so friggin' popular I have to wait a little, but it's totes worth it because she just sent me this awesomeness on twitter:

So go follow along with her if you aren't already doing so for some crazy reason! 

Venus Trapped in Mars


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  2. Yay for all the good things! That's awesome.

    (And I love that APP!) :)

  3. Hey Sara I nominated you for the Liebster Award! It's just a fun little way to recognize some of our favorite bloggers. Happy Friday!

    Go to for more details!

  4. so jealous of your jetta. i love VW!

  5. I am jealous of your iPhone 5...I have to wait 3 more weeks for mine!

    Congratulations on the new job and new car!

  6. Pretty car! Many Congrats on your good news!


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