Sunday, June 2, 2013

On Behalf of Me, I Accept These Liebsters

Oh I think they like me, yeah I think they like me!  Memba that song?  Well you do if you like early 2000s rap :)  My BFF Adriana at Dog Hair is An Accessory has nominated me for the Liebstah!  And then, days later, Heather at Pretty Strong Medicine also nominated me!  

Thanks so much guys, it's always an honor to be recognized as a fun blog to read and follow :)   

My first couple Liebsters can be found here and here.

A recap of the rules:
1. Each blogger should answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
2. Choose a few new bloggers to pass the award on to and link them in your post.
3. Create 11 new questions for the chosen bloggers.
4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
5. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.
6. No tag backs!

Flattered, grateful, and happy to be here again!  Today, I'm going to answer both of their questions and send the love on to some other bloggers. 

1. Who's been your biggest bloggy help?  Hm, I would give this back to Adriana.  Although we aren't really great at helping each other with the technical aspects of blogging, it is so nice to have a bloggy bff you can count on for advice on postings, drawing a personal line for your blog, etc.  Also, we are pretty ace at bitching about blog stuff via text too! :) Her posts are legitimately WAY more creative than mine, so follow her!  She does awesome pinned it and made it posts and is way more likely to have cool things to do than I am! 

2. What "Most Likely To..." superlative would you get now? (doesn't have to be traditional)  Most Likely To stay at home drinking wine or brandy and watching reality tv on a Saturday night because she wants to save money for clothes, a dog, or a house.

Things have changed.

3. What's your favorite movie to quote?  Bridesmaids, for sure.


And for good measure, my favorite TV show right meow, The Mindy Project.  Technically off for summer, but please watch this! Mindy Kaling nails it with everything she says on this show:


4. What's one thing that surprised you about blogging?  That I would enjoy it as much as I do.  

There are times when I've considered pulling back or stopping altogether because I'd like to see more growth, but I love my audience, and consider it a compliment now that anyone wants to read the stuff I put out here. 

5. What's the first thing you do when you get home from work?   Um it's to take off restricting business casual clothes and get into my VS boyfriend sweatpants as soon as humanly possible.

6. What's your favorite social media outlet?  I love the ease of Twitter, and the peek into people's daily life on Instagram.  Because I'm a creep.

7. What's your go to/signature drink at the bar?  Vodka soda water or just vodka and still water with lime.  Gross?  Only if you HATE saving tonic calories, ladies. I love it.  Funnily enough, I rarely drink this at home.  It's truly my bar drink.

8. What's your dream career?  I really thought I knew what I wanted to do...but now I'm working in an industry I would never have imagined. So I will say that I'd like to be able to advance through in what I'm going to be doing now--working with the government in a certain capacity and providing services.

9. How many times do you snooze your alarm in the morning?  Two usually.

10. What's your favorite summer activity?  Having a meal and drink drinks outside, which mostly you can't even do in the summer here because your ice will melt immediately. 

11. Flats or heels? BOTH.  Shitty answer, I know.  Heels for dinner/drinks/weekends, wedges, flats, and kitten heels for work.  Being 5'8'' automatically makes me taller than most, and at at new job, I really don't like to be "the super tall new girl".  

And now, Heather's questions :: 

1. If you could be a Disney Princess, which one would you be?  Well my niece always assigns me to be Belle I think.  Or Snow White.  So one of those because I have dark-ish hair.  Although when I saw her a couple weeks ago, she was like, "Why is your hair black on top and white on the bottom?" Ombre is a hard concept for five year olds!

2. What is one food you could survive on the rest of your life?  Honestly? Cereal.  I love cereal.  Like I eat it as a snack.  Special K with anything in it, honey nut Cheerios, Puffins, etc.

3. Describe yourself in three words.   Personable, motivated, funny.

4. What's your favorite summer activity?  Having a meal and drink drinks outside, which mostly you can't even do in the summer here because your ice will melt immediately. (Same answer for Adriana's similar question!)

5. If you were famous, what would you be famous for?  My amazing ability to watch endless reality TV shows on Bravo!!

6. What's your biggest pet peeve?  The same as everyone else's -- the confusion of their, they're, and there.  And two, too, and to.

7. What would you do if you were invisible? Probably be a total creep and spy on people all the time.

8. What was your favorite class in school?  Well I mostly loved all of my classes in grad school, but my favorite was probably one I had that cross-sectioned with the College of Real Estate and was about planning and public policy.  I also liked my Capstone ((Thesis-ish)) class too, because I got to design my own research project and implement it.

9. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?  Back to Europe, ideally Italy again and Germany for the first time.  We are hoping to do a big trip before we have kids!

10. What's at the top of your bucket list?  Well, probably something from my 30x30 list for now. I would really like to do the half-marathon in January, so at this point just waiting to sign up. So watch out for that on here, because the lottery opening starts June 5th, and by the end of June I will know if I'm in it or not.  My left foot has been really sore along the outside, so it would be great for that to heal up so I could run longer!

Also, Europe.

11. What's your biggest fear? Snakes. ALWAYS snakes.

I nominate these blogs that always make me smile, I based the <200 followers count off of your Bloglovin', so if you have more on GFC, that's why you've been nominated!

1. Kari @ Cupcakes and Bling
2.  Emily @ Sassy in Sequins
3.  Candice @ Just Stay Lovely
4.  Ashley @ Downsizing
5.  Rita Marie @ Champagne N Pizza
6.  Niquelle @ Paper Plane
7.  Meredith @ Belle in Boots
8.  Aleshea @ GlitzNGrits
9.  Alison @ Life a Little Brighter
10. Brooke @ Babbling Brookelyn

I know, I'm short on this, but a lot of the blogs I follow seem to have BIG followings!

11 facts about me:  
1.  If there is a photo booth at wedding, I will probably be there all night.
2.  I read a minimum of two books at a time.  In high school, it was more like four at a time.  My brain was stronger then!
3.  Hi, I'm Sara and I love making mug brownies.
4.  My favorite home stores are Pottery Barn, Home Goods, Crate and Barrel, and Target.
5.  Pretty sure I'm the only person in Texas who drinks unsweetened iced tea.
6.  You will never convince me to back an NFL team besides the Packers.  SORRY I'm not, Texans & Cowboys fans.
7.  Idk how, but I def saw the movie Pretty Woman when I was like 10.  Probably the one movie I would watch forever if I could only pick one.
8.  I made seven types of Christmas cookies this last year.  My mom made like 25 though, no big deal.
9.  I also made the best Thanksgiving turkey ever, probably.  Just saying.  And it was our first time making one.
10.  We are going meatless at least once a week now for dinners.
11.  I only met with one reception venue, one florist, one photographer, one linen company, one hair and makeup stylist, and one bakery for our wedding.  One and done'd all that nonsense.

Here are my questions:

1.  What's your favorite summer outfit?
2.  If you have a typical day, what is it like?
3.  What type of posts would you like to write more of?
4.  Where's your favorite vacation spot? 
5.  How many times a day do you check social media sites?
6.  What's the best book you've read lately?
7.  Favorite website besides your own blog :)?
8.  If you could only watch one movie for the rest of you life, what would it be?
9.  What's a DIY project you're hankering to do?
10.  What relaxes you the most?
11.  What's you go-to easy meal for a busy night?  Take-out, recipe, whatever!

Have fun everyone, can't wait to read the replies! :)


  1. Help me, I'm poor - easily the most quotable line in my life right now !

  2. Um, I love you because there are so many facts on your list that fit me to a t!

    I love Pretty Woman and will watch it any time it is on. We had a photo booth, complete with props, at our wedding (the pictures are some of the most fantastically awful pictures I have ever seen). I also one and done'd a ton of our wedding shit too. One reception venue, one photographer, one hair stylist, one make-up artist, one bakery. Me + too many options = bad news.

  3. Thank you so much! I will post my answers this week!

  4. OHMYGOD I quote Bridesmaids and Mindy all the time! Not everyone thinks both of those are funny so it must mean we have a similar sense of humor!! :)


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