Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wedding Retro-Post #2 :: Little Details

 I'm going to share some of the details from our wedding I loved.  I was *big* on making sure we had personal details, because after all, this wedding was about us!  ((That's the one day, ever, you get to say/think that.))  Some of them were noticeable, and some were things only we knew about, which was nice, that there were still some secrets for us in the day.  

Ceremony Deats: 

My flowers were wrapped in one of my dad's old ties.  I also had a diamond, ruby and sapphire whale pin that was my grandma's (who passed away in 2009) pinned onto my bouquet.  She was a jeweler, so this was extra special for me to have a piece from her collection.  This is one of those details that only a few of us would have/could have noticed.
To represent Bryan's family, his grandma gave me her wedding handkerchief which I also wrapped around my bouquet

At the reception 

B threw my garter (which was a Green Bay Packers garter) pulled over a football.  I just got a junior-sized football (real-sized ones are large, guys, and I totes thought we'd knock someone out) and then he put the garter over it and tossed!  We also had Monday Night Football music on.

Can you tell Bryan is a former state champion QB in this pic?  And avid football fan? 

We had a candy bar-but not your usual "match the colors" one.  We did baseball park-type treats.  Malted milk balls, twizzlers, peanuts, Skittles, M&Ms, gummi bears, Reese's Pieces, Swedish Fish, and pretzel rods!  This was all because we met at the little league ball park when he played and I sold concessions with one of my MOHs.

This was our parting gift-Chicago mix popcorn :)  If anyone out there loves Garrett's, they would have loved us at midnight.  We had *so* much left over.  

Labels read, "Thank you for coming" in the center, and "with love, sara and bryan" on the top and bottom


These are our pew ends, we had one every other pew on each side of the aisle, so I think that was about 24 total.

Our large piece, which also went on the guest book table at the reception.  LOVED this. We used Bells of Ireland in this and other pieces as a note to my mom's parents.

Card cage with floral spray on top

First type of centerpiece we had-low and full (the vases were for my bridesmaids' bouquets)

Second type-tall and full

Also on this table you can see the photo of us-there was one on each table with a description handwritten by me of where we were/when it was from...we had about 30 different eclectic black frames collected for this project! More of that in my DIY post to come.

third centerpiece-submerged callas with a little curly willow or whatever it's called. 

My bouquet-mini green hydrangeas, white roses, garden roses, mini black (dark purple) calla lilies

Bryan's echoed my bouquet

Our cake

It was the BEST.  Why?  Because it was cheesecake.  Yes, there is this amazing bakery called Simma's in Milwaukee, and they make the best damn cheesecake ever.  So we had to have it.  Bryan's cousin actually works there and did all of the decorating on it!  My sister also had this at her wedding, people go nuts over this stuff, it's just so good.


We had a signature drink at our reception. It was a blackberry mojito with white rum, blackberry puree and mint.  They were amazing.   We basically handpicked this one from a series of drinks we got to choose and taste. 

Finally, a couple shots of our reception room: 

Pillars had uplighting to accentuate them

This is after I threw the bouquet-you can see the other side of the room here and the balcony area.

Whew, ok bloggy friends, this was fun!  Next up in this series I'll have the following posts:

What We Wore
Portrait Photos
DIY Details


  1. Awwww, I love all these little details!!! So cute! :)

  2. Garretts! So good. SO bad, but so good. Last summer, we bought one of their medium sized Chicago Mix bags and ate it for breakfast. It's kind of shameful now that I think about it, but it was one of the most delicious breakfasts I've ever had!

    Where did you get married? I'd imagine it was somewhere in this beautiful state we call home, but I've clearly never been to where ever it was because I don't recognize the place from your photos. It's a gorgeous venue, though!

    I'm working on a wedding series to be posted next month in time for our two year anniversary because I love reading about other people's weddings! Ours was smaller (about 100 guests) and we were married in a little white country church. Our lunch reception was on family land under a giant white tent. Best wedding decisions we made!

  3. Garretts is the BEST! I (& hubby) would have loved cheesecake for wedding cake, didn't even know that could be done!:)

  4. ahhhh I wish we were friends then because this place and the whole deal is gorgeous!

    also Tom may kill you because on top of his sisters wedding I'm now talking about yours. He keeps telling me we're never getting married haha


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