Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What I'm Pinning :: Living Room Redux Edition

I have been pinning lots of ideas for rugs for our new place, so I'm sharing those plus some recent finds on Wayfair that I would love to add to our living room some day when I get the ok and budget to rotate some of our current things out to a man cave. This is all pretty speculative since we won't even begin looking at houses for over a year at least, but it's always fun to fawn over house stuff! I bet by the end of this you will know I like a trunk table and leather ottoman...

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Opinions? Where else can I look?  Considering doing an indoor/outdoor so that I can have an easier clean-up with potential dog accidents. Has anyone out there ever put an indoor/outdoor indoors?  Plus, would not like to spend too much on one given new puppy household addition!

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  1. You're place is gonna look so pertttty!

    I like the yellow rug but maybs not in yellow


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