Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wedding Retro-Post #3 :: What We Wore

First, a few of the details on my dress, plus a perfect hanger one of my MOHs got for me at my first bridal shower!

That ginormous bejeweled flower was probably my favorite!

About 6-8 inches of lace all around the bottom

Here is my dress in all it's glory on a size 0 model!  Sweet.  It's by Maggie Sottero.

Simple ivory shoes

Pearl bracelet was part of my wedding gift from Bryan.  He got me two sets of pearls-one was a bracelet, necklace, and earrings.  The other was 100 inches of pearls that you can style about a million ways.  I am totally afraid of wearing such legit jewelry still though!  The super sparkly bracelet I put on with my surprise dress at the reception. Dangly, sparkly earrings and a perfect clasp bracelet were great accents to my dress.

Lacing the back in, which btw, my dress was still a little too big the day of the wedding, but I sort of gave up on noticing it at some point!  I had a lot of issues getting my fit right, and had it taken in probably a total of 2 1/2-3 sizes down from where it started...but.....

  I am not exaggerating when I say I lost at least 7 lbs. the WEEK before the wedding just from nerves (I was eating burgers, tacos, chicken fingers, basically all trash for the week before and couldn't gain half a pound), but I promptly gained it all back eating and drinking our way through Vegas for a week!  

 Fluffing, a/k/a the most important part of a big ol' dress

Handsome getting dressed

Our rings, derp! Thanks best man for holding them  and not losing them.

These cuff links were a part of Bryan's wedding gift from me.  They say "B <3 S 9.22.12" and "See you at 1" which is when our ceremony started.  We secretly love that our initials are I def didn't go the route of S<3B for that reason!  He also got an engraved crystal bourbon decanter. 

Black tux, ivory vest, ivory tie

Really showcasing that cathedral length veil.  Lovvveed it.

The girls wore long black satin dresses that had a v-neck front and the same v in the back.  They gathered a bit at the waist, and looked exactly as classic as I hoped they would! I gave the girls simple dangly earrings and a matching bracelet to wear!

The guys wore black tuxes, and eggplant (although they look pretty purple here) ties and vests.  This was a happy accident the day before.  They were supposed to have black vests and just purple ties, but whatever it looked great! 

Close-up of my tricked-out second dress! I didn't plan on having two, but then my mom loved this one so much we went all knnnowww...this thing only happens once so may as well get two dresses.

In all it's secretive glory.  Bryan knew nothing about this dress.  Total surprise, the DJ had him sit in the center of the dance floor on a chair and then I came out all, "whhhat?! oops!"

Clearly this was a party dress so I could really get down.


  1. AHHH I'M super in love with the black and white pic of you from the back. GORG. also you're super pretty :)

    1. I also love this wedding dress. Very beautiful.

  2. Two dresses? Hahahaha. They are both beautiful! And you're right. I always tell my husband, we only live life once, I NEED this. :)

  3. Oh I love them both!! definitely needed two dresses!

  4. your wedding colors were so pretty!


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