Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Boozy Bloggers Giveaway!

It all began with a dream. A dream to take reviewing Vino2Go (coming Monday, also pumped for that) to a whole new level. 

Naturally I thought of Adriana, who I hope you all know by now if you have ever read this blog before!  I proposed the idea of putting together a boozy giveaway.

 And so together we hopped on the liquor express train at the wino stop to brew-town.

Now, we, along with MANY of our favorite fellow boozy bloggers are proud to present:

The stars have drunkenly aligned and these AMAZING bloggers have all come together in one place, at one time to present you with the best Boozy Bloggers Giveaway there ever was.

Adriana // Sara
Alyssa // Cortney // Kate // Emily // Sarah // Carly // Candice // Stephanie

There will be 3 winners.
3 lucky, inebriated winners.  With myself and Adriana, plus all of the other amazing ladies above, those 3 winners will find themselves in a state of alchy bliss.
Will you be one of those lucky lushes?

**Brew2Go provided by The Product Farm**

**Party straws provided by RubyPop**

**Vino2Go and Vino2Go XL provided by The Product Farm**
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  1. This is the best giveaway ever! I've been wanting a Vino2Go for a long time!

  2. WOOOOO hope you've been watching your numbers go up all day :) lovelovelove you!

  3. As a college senior I am OBSESSED with this giveaway! Thanks for hosting, have a great weekend!

    xo Shane

  4. This is the best!!! First giveaway I've entered!!


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