Friday, June 21, 2013

Why Baseball Games Are the Shizz :: Fan Friday

So it's not really a secret that I enjoy sports--me being a football and baseball fan is pretty much one of Bryan's favorite things about me.  One of my favorite things about summer is going to real, live, baseball games.  We did this A LOT back home...and it's 100% different because well, TAILGATING.  But here are a few of the reasons I adore going to games anywhere:

1.  I get to wear my awesome Brewers sausage race t-shirt. I'm obsessed w this. I'm actually on my second Bc my first got a gross grease stain probs from eating filthy ballpark food.

2.  Selfies at the ballpark make my hair look SUPER blonde I guess. Either way we have a ton of these and I love them all!

3.  Filth food part 1: bags and bags of peanuts. No really we had at least a lb. of peanuts Wednesday night. 

4. When you get seats that are just awesome you can't even deal because you can smell the dirt, and hear the players talking, and it's all just awesome.

5.  Filth food part 2: Nachos all night.

6.  BEER. Obvs brought my own koozies too for us!  No one wants a hot beer. 

7.  Filth food part 3: the shaming evidence the lurks under the seat in front of you all game.

There you go, guys.  There are a lot more, but this is what I managed to get pics of.  It's mostly food and beer, I know.  I swear I was also really into the game, and know player's names and stuff too, but I can't really capture that goodness on "film" a/k/a iPhone camera roll.

Venus Trapped in Mars

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  1. I love the "evidence of filth eating" picture!

  2. I'm totally into it for the filthy food and beer, not so much the game. We had seats literally in the highest row of tWrigley last year and it was super windy, so all of our peanut shells blew into the hair of the people in front if us and they had no idea. Oops.

  3. That shirt is awesome! Have you been to a Sugar Land Skeeters game? I haven't, but I have heard that they do a lot of silly things between innings so it's baseball plus entertainment!

  4. Baseball games are seriously the best. And peanuts and nachos? Nothing better!


    ughhhhhh i just need to live in Texas.

  6. Andre' wanted to go SO bad! One of the players from where he went to school plays for the Brewer's and he was so upset that we just "had to" move that night haha. Looks like y'all had fun!!

  7. I went to a Brewers game when I was in town for work and it was awesome! It was a great ballpark and I loved having dinner in left field! THe sausage race was really funny too.

  8. I love going to games too! I am going to my second of the season next week. Definitely all about the bringing my own koozies and of course the nachos!

  9. Hey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with pictures of food and beer!!

  10. baseball is the best!!! i always have a blast, even if i'm not paying attention to the game. haha

  11. one time when i was in like 6th grade we went to a baseball game and there was a rude mean old lady in front of us that had HUGE beehive hair. my bros and i might have thrown our peanut shells in her hair and because there was so much hairspray she didnt even notice. sorry, not sorry


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