Wednesday, June 26, 2013

First World Problems

Let's talk problems, people.

I have been accused of being fancy, bougie, and maybe a little high maintenance. Shocker, I'm sure.  Most of this is by Bryan, every day week.

So I thought I'd share some of my personal first world problems today!  

Here are my seven biggest FWPs:

1.  When it hurts to brush out my hair because it gets tangly now that it's longer. 

2.  When I haven't actually purchased beer from a store in OVER A YEAR and now I'm so out of touch on beer prices :(

3.  When my Birchbox is a couple days late....but I need my fancy beauty samples, guys! 

4.  When our DVR screws up recording Real Housewives.  That's some rage-level bullshit to me.

5.  When I can't decide which Special K breakfast sandwich to have--sausage, egg and cheese or ham, pepperjack and egg?! Morning decisions are tough. 

6.  When my Sirius subscription is expired so I have to stream music via Bluetooth in the car.

7.  When we can't hook up our Google TV how will we browse the internet and Netflix all at once, in bed?!

K, your turn, what are your most ridiculous first world problems?!! Dying to hear the ridiculous-ness level that I know all of you are capable of!

If your main FWP is not having enough ways to consume booze, wine, and beer, go enter the giveaway that was made for you....the Boozy Bloggers Giveaway!


  1. haha I love this
    when I first got my iPhone 5 and only had old iPhone chargers everywhere so I was forced to bring my ONE iPhone 5 charger with me all the time.

  2. I happen to agree with rage level on the recording of my trashy reality shows! That's enough for me to call the cable company asap :) One of the things I'm most mad about is that I have a windows phone, so I can't get the Instagram app! FWP.

  3. love the tie back to the giveaway. and this post is wonderful

  4. I had a fit the other day because all I wanted was McDonald's breakfast and breakfast ended at 10:30. It was 10:45 and those bastards would not make me an egg mcmuffin.

  5. Ha! I would have to agree that my DVR crapping out is almost as bad as my Netflix/Hulu lagging on the Smart TV. WTF people?!!?

  6. Hahaha!! It's so bad when I totally relate to these...

  7. haha my sirius goes out in july. i am preparing a wake for it.

  8. There's no LTE in this area so I have to use 3G.
    I accidentally got a coconut cream from the box of chocolates (I hate coconut).
    And I am loving the James Van Der Beek pic.

  9. We are all so guilty of all of these things, especially the autocorrect ones...LOL

  10. I was bent out of shape a few days ago because my iPhone case and my iPad case clash. Also, my hair is so long now (which I'm thankful for) but you couldn't see the bow detail on the back of my shirt I was wearing on Sunday. My life is hard.

  11. haha love it. this morning i forgot my wallet so i went to use the starbucks app on my iphone but it was out of cash. so i had to sit there at the counter and reload it through paypal first.

    the horror.

  12. i think first world problems are the best kind to have...i would hate real probs!!


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