Monday, June 3, 2013

The Weekender :: Vol. 6

Because I am a lazy, lazy, lazy blogger, and because I'm starting my new job today, I'm keeping my Sunday night short and entertaining you with photos of our weekend.  Which are mostly food pictures actually.  Oops.  We did a lot of eating.

Luckily, for all of you, they have been put through the wringer of the beautiful mess app, which I'm currently still obsessed with!

Picked up the new ride on Friday after Bryan was done with work!  He loves his new car, and I drove it a little too and had different from driving the Escapes we both had before (well that I still drive.)

Saturday took us on an adventure to Best Buy to pick up my old iPhone so we could re-sell it right back to them after they fixed it. Well, turns out Best Buy makes you have an appointment to pick up your phone, even it's just a simple pick up and no pay, etc.  How ridic.

So after I angry tweeted at them:

We went to World Market (yay) to kill some time.  And I found some awesome wino treats:

Like these gummies and this insulated plastic-type bag that will keep your vinos cold even when you are sitting in a hot park this summer at a drunken picnic or playdate with friends.  I am thinking of adding this into an upcoming giveaway...ohh that's to come soon too :)

Then, to celebrate le job, we went out Saturday night to one of our favorite restaurants in Houston, the original Carrabba's on Kirby.  You may have heard of the chain Carrabba's, but this one is the family-owned original, and it's soooo good.  We came here for mah birthday too last October.  We eat so much Italian it's gross but delicious at the same time.

Here is there website if you're interested in having some amazing Italian food sometime :: Carrabba's the Original

We got drinks at the bar thinking our wait would be longer, it wasn't, and then ordered a bottle of red at oops we had two drinks each for a bit.  Lushes.

We got this ridiculous Bruschette "Scotty Thompson", that's what it's called, for real, to start with.  Basically it's goat cheese all warmed up in delicious marinara-y tomato sauce and then you spread it on this fresh warm bread with oil and spices.

Love. Goat cheese.

Well, I had a filet for dinner, and Bryan had veal, and oops, no pics.

Then I got on my high horse and thought we could handle dessert.  So we got this Italian cream cake (probably my favorite cake ever) and took about 3 bites and quit....that's still in the fridge.

Sunday dinner...chicken soup with spaetzle.  If you've never had spaetzle you're missing out big time.  It's a delicious German dumpling/noodle type sitch.  So good.

K, so that's all folks, and if you missed it yesterday, check out my Liebster Parts 3&4 post!  You may have gotten nominated :) Have a great Monday, I'll be sweating it out at my new job being super nervous about the big "first day".


  1. Check out my post today. You may have been nominated for something, too. :)

  2. We were just talking about going to the original one! I've heard it's crazy good.

  3. Is Carrabba's a southern thing? We are in Louisiana right now and I swear my borther in law has mentioned that name a few times this week. I never pay attention because its not a place I've ever been. They don't have it in New England I don't think. What type of job are you starting? I hope you are having a great day!

  4. but for realz. the beautiful mess app is lovely! so is world market. might have killed some time any my bank account in there yesterday afternoon, but i found the cutest jewelry holder so it was necessary ;)

  5. "We eat so much Italian it's gross but delicious at the same time." LOL love that!


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