Monday, June 10, 2013

The Weekender :: Vol. 7

This weekend was *highly* productive!

We had some nice time to do our own thing by ourselves, enjoyed dinner & drinks with our friends, got things done around the apartment, and even made a BIG decision.

Friday :: We had mojitos, sangria and tapas at a place in Rice Village that we like with a few friends, and went for beers was a good time and naturally, my bloggy bff was the recipient of entertaining and awkward texts.

Saturday ::

Bryan went golfing for a charity outing/work thing:

The bike is there because the app has a bike & I wanted a reason to use it, boom, done.

Meanwhile...I went shopping for some clothes for work!  I ended up only buying a pair of crops at Express, and some running shorts for $5 (!!!) at Old Navy.  Fail.  I was basically like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.  "The stores aren't nice to people, they're nice to credit cards."  No one was even mean to mean, but that's how I felt.  Just nothing that caught my eye.

I'm hoping next time I go in a couple weeks, it'll be more like this, ideally with that hat too.

Pretty Woman shopping

I did find this great playlist on Songza though.  If you don't have Songza you're missing out, it's better than Pandora.  There are playlists like "Vodka Escapades: Ladies Be Pregaming", and "100 Worst Songs Ever" and "2000s Pop Divas", "Fall Asleep", and of course, "A Cruise on the S.S. Pharrell", so yeah, it's great.  Just download it, I promise it's awesome. 

Then, Sunday night we went to Target because, again, work clothes.  We ended up walking out with our NEW RUG.  Even better.  Obsessed.  We had wanted this one for a long time, and they had a 7x10, such a win.

Sunday :: 

We got up early, grabbed some breakfast on the go, and headed to...PetSmart. 

Because this coming weekend, hopefully, if all goes well, we will be adopting an adorable puppy.  We are planning on going to the Houston BARC shelter, but we are also looking at some pups on Craigslist (NOT from a puppy mill, k.) that need re-homing or they will probably end up at a shelter.

Here are some of the purchase we made:

Kong Alligator cuddle toy, leash/collar, squeaky hedgehog, tennis ball, squeaky football, Nylabone, teething toys, rope toy, and of course, cute storage basket we found at Kohl's later on.  We also got training treats, and this week we will get the crate/bedding, food storage, and we will probably hold off on food until we know what he/she has been eating at their home or the shelter so we can start with some of that and then slowly move them onto what we think is best!

SO. EXCITED.  Ideally, one week from now this whole post is just puppy pictures.

Last big thing of Sunday was that we finally hung up our finished DIY wall art above our couch.  This was originally supposed to go in our room, but it ended up fitting better in our living room.

The bedroom wall will wait for now!

Full tutorial for this bad boy will come later this week, but suffice to say it was basically two newspapers + tea + a 48x24 canvas + modge podge + some acrylic paint + modge podge spray.

We couldn't be happier with how it fits in, and love the texture it adds, and personal detail of our initials! Plus, as I said to my friend, it wasn't $400 from Pottery Barn or other stores that sell similar-looking vintage-y things.  Art this size on Etsy goes for $250-350, and I've honestly never seen anything like this on there/Pinterest, etc.  Sometimes you just gotta get creative on your own!


  1. I bought some of the $5 running shorts too! Among other things...I reeked a little havok on my debit card this weekend.

  2. You had a great, productive weekend! I was disappointed by my lack of finds at Old Navy last week too!

  3. "Vodka Escapades: Ladies Be Pregaming", hilarious!! I better check out Songza. :) And yay for a new puppy!!

  4. old navy is stepping up it's game when it wants to!

  5. lol love that gif! sounds like a fun weekend!!


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