Saturday, June 8, 2013

One Day Late :: H54F

I really thought I could skip H54F, but I can't b/c hi, I'm a blogger & I'm addicted, so one day late is a-ok by me.

Here are my five highlights:

1.  Got to sport my new black crops and wedges to work one day!

2.  Got some delicious froyo--idk what happened, but looks like fruity pebbles (what? did I even like those as a kid??), coconut, chocolate and peanut butter froyo, strawberries, omg.  Worth every cal.

3.  Got my AWESOME products to review from The Product Farm.  I will be posting my review of the Vino2Go, VinoXL and Brew2Go soon, and then my bloggy bff Adriana and I are concocting a giveaway to share with you all!! It's gonna be a lot of fun! 

4.  Yay for work clothes! I love being able to put outfits together, and wear jewelry after months of not doing that.  Even with my old job I didn't dress up too nicely because I was sometimes working in bad areas.  So it's a real treat that I can actually look put together.  Going shopping this afternoon too, yo!

5.  HA, so earlier this week, we had plans to go down by the pool, grill and have some wine while we waited for our food to be done.  Well, NO plastic wine glasses, and glass isn't allowed.  So, had to get fancy and use this TCB cup from Graceland.  FAIL.  So glad I have my vino2Go now!!

K that's all, folks! Have beautiful weekends!

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  1. Ah yes! Someone else addicted to H54F! I'm not alone...:)


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