Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Today's Outfit :: Navy, Nude & Gold

I felt like I really did a good job getting dressed today (which I guess is rare!) so here's my outfit:

FYI dresses with pockets are the BEST dresses. This is from the Gap outlet, and the shoes are Target.

Also sporting some of my most favorite accessories today. 

Clockwise from top left:

My grandma's diamond and sapphire snake ring.  I love this ring for many reasons-
1. It was my grandma's and she was a jeweler, so all of her pieces are amazing and we are lucky to have them to remember her by.

2.  I hate snakes, and my friend Nippy and I decided a long time ago that "wearing" them helps us assert our angry dominance over them. Kind of like, "haha snake you are a purse now!!"  

3. Bryan called this my "drug lord ring" once (which is making my grandma question why I married him now) and so it kinda cracks me up when I see it. Sometimes I wear it on my pinky to make it extra drug-lord-like.

K, so then my necklace-obsessed w my $2.80 steal from Forever 21!  I also have it in silver and I wear them constantly. 

Finally, my bracelets--my Coach bangle was a gift from me to me a few years ago, and the snakeskin (see the pattern??) was a present from my best friend's study abroad trip to Florence 5 years ago!  I wear that at least four times a week.

What's your go to accessory??

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