Monday, July 22, 2013

The Weekender Vol. 10

So this weekend was full of beer, apparently.  Or at least that's all I took pictures of. 

Friday ended up being at work a little later than usual, especially for a Friday, so happy hour was a necessity.  Which turned into me asking the waitress "Which beer flight has the most alcohol by volume?"

Ended up with the Belgian beer flight, which was pretty decent.  

So, Bryan usually brings home a case of beer every week anyways from work, but this week was beer pick up so he can get multiples (One time he brought home like 10 cases.)  THIS TIME, and this was very exciting, they had Goose Island Summertime as the special one for the month. 

So. Excited.  Also, Strawberitas, and Michelob Ultra, yum.  Plus we have some leftover Zigenbock there, and some of his home brewed stuff.  

Lala, reading the Sunday paper....come across this ad.  For a DOLL. Horrified.

I'm obviously not a Texans fan, but this would be creepy with any team's branding.


Sunday morning I got Barley outside with me for a nice run/walk.  We did the same thing Saturday morning, and he has done great both times!  We finally got a nice little nylon harness for him after my friend advised that helped them a lot with pulling for their dog.  He has improved by like 75% overnight with it on!  No more choking himself out, no more us feeling bad, etc.  

Anyways, after the run, he was just exhausted, puppy-style.  Which means you lay like this, fully stretched out, on the cool concrete floor.

And then when you finally do get up to the couch, your mom does crap like this to you.

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