Friday, July 26, 2013

What It Means to Be a Fan {Fan Friday Link-Up}

Back in the ring for Fan Friday with the amazing Sarah, who also btw donated her hair this week for cancer patients.  You should probably go read all about that here, then comment and mention how crazy it is that Locks of Love SELLS their wigs to cancer patients? Crazy, and go Pantene for not doing that!

Anyways, on with Fan Friday.  Today I want to talk about what being a fan means to me via some pics of me...well, being a fan!

Integrating your team(s) into your holiday decorating:

Brewers logo.  Yes, we know, Ryan Braun just got suspended. A-Rod's hammer is gonna come down a LOT harder, so whatever.

Tailgating properly:

This is blurry for a GOOD reason.  Notre Dame October 2010.

ND 2010 again....obvi the Snickers are what kept us alive that day.

Sporting your teams merch in enemy territory:

Brewers gear in Houston, per usual, you can't see but mine was too.  Astros suck anyways, sorry guys.

Brewers sausage race tee on Wrigley rooftop.  I got a tattoo later this night.  Whhhhhat?

I look a little pregnant in this pic, but I swear I was not!

Fighting with your BFF about being Buccaneers vs. Packers fan so much that you both cry at 2 am in a hotel bar in South Bend, IN in front of her dad.  And then making up with shots:

Pfft this is also from ND 2010.  Next week's post will probably just be a pictorial on the most ridiculous tailgate day of my life there.

Freezing your ass off regularly to cheer on your teams, because it's the Midwest, and we know cold:

Packers vs. Bears, Chicago, mid-December 2010

Badgers vs. Northwestern, Madison, November 20111

Taking CREEP pics of your favorite players before the game (Oh Hhaiiiii Clay Matthews):

Lambeau Field, November 2011

 Taking your first pic as an engaged couple in head to toe fan gear:

April 22, 2011

And finally, making sure you play Monday Night Football at music during your football/garter toss and you have a Packers garter too, naturally:

Dudes were PSYCHED to catch a football, seriously.  Not only are we huge fans but my husband was an all-state QB in high school, so everyone knows that throwing a football is his favorite thing to do.

Why is this pic upside down? Great.

K so let's be real, being a real fan is obviously a lifestyle.  I can't wait until we have a house and Bryan has a media room so I can deck it out in fan art/Wisconsin sports stuff top to bottom.  And I can't wait to get Barley bandannas and collars and leashes that rep our favorite teams either!  Obvi when we have a child one day they will also be raised in the way of  Sunday being sacred for two reasons.

How do you make being a fan a part of your everyday?  

Go link up with Venus!

Venus Trapped in Mars

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