Monday, July 29, 2013

The Weekender :: Vol. 11

Looking back on photos of this weekend, pretty much seems like all I did was drink, drink, drink.  Except for Sunday, when we were way too tired to do anything but nap and eat and nap and go grocery shopping.


Growlers were half price at this great place in Houston, Moon Tower Inn.  They also have awesome burgers, exotic hot dogs, and all sorts of seating under umbrellas so you don't die in the heat!  Not technically the weekend, but still.


It was a long week, so I drank some champs, watched The Sopranos, and we went to bed semi-early!


Woke up to these two boys sleeping under the same blanket on the couch, how sweet.

Then I made some strawberry margarita jello shots, some of which I tried to put in strawberries...more on that to follow soon.

I managed to get a super slow, really hot run in late in the morning.  The app claimed it was only 85 degrees but I know it was lying.  Felt like 100 outside.  DIED.

K, so then my afternoon drastically improved from running to meeting up with the so funny and sweet Lauren from Method to My Madness!  Three hours later, we were like, "shit, better get home and make sure the husbands are alive!'  Needless to say, time flew by and we had a great bonding session over blogging, married life, making friends when you're in your late 20s, accompanied by a few Moscow Mules, Beaver's house punch of the day, and pulled pork sliders!

We failed at being bloggers because we only took this one pic in the parking lot before we left!  I know, good bloggers would have taken like 400 of every drink, sandwich, etc.  

See?  Proof we were at Beaver's.

So then I came home and Bryan and our friend Tom (see him below) were having a little pool party together.

Tom and I trying to look like we like each other. 

Testing out my strawberry creations (which were awesome btw)


Around 4 am on Sunday, Bryan took the world's most unflattering picture of me ever, sleeping so I could see how Barley curls up on top of my head at night.  

Like I said, Sunday was a real lazy day for all of us.

So now some more gratuitous pics of Barley for your entertainment:

Sprawled out and relaxing on the cold floor after a hot walk outside.

Dominating Mom and Dad's couch space.

Totally dominating Dad to get at his bone! He was actually just sitting like this on top of Bryan.  For like five minutes and chewing his bone.  Really bro?

Hope everyone else had weekends that were just as fun as ours was!  After all, it was the last weekend of July...which means that *someone*coughBryancough has a birthday this Friday!

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