Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dear Future Baby {your name isn't Grape.}

Last week, Lauren posted a letter to her future child as a part of a link-up.  Well I'm a little late to the link-up party, but I wanted to join the fun of writing a letter to our one-day baby.

You will look like a combination of if you're a boy you will wear a bowtie (dad genes) and yell at people on the phone (like your mom did), and if you're a girl, you will look angry (me again) and have elaborate costuming (me again), but also be amazingly photogenic as a child (your dad's good genes)

Hi Baby M.,

Welcome to the world!  Mom and Dad are thrilled to have you here, and Barley is probably a little jealous, and so is the other dog we probably got before we had you!  But we are so excited, and happy to share with our families that your name wasn't chosen after a weird TV character, selection from the produce aisle, or random map point.  In fact, your name is probably Elizabeth if you are a girl or Cole if you are a boy because those are the only two names we like.  So, there's that...your parents are picky, yay!

Some things you should know--your nursery isn't all blue or all pink, because I think that kind of thing is overkill.  And if you are a girl, you will wear real Packers jerseys, not pink ones, because football fans are fans, no gender discrimination necessary.  If you're a boy, your dad is already teaching you how to grip a football so you can be a state champion like him.  (This will be hard because we live in Texas now...he had it easier because he was in Wisconsin, but shhh, I didn't say that.)

Truth be told, we will support any path you decide to take as long as you are following your passion.  After all, I got a degree in political science and government, which most people would tell you are dead subject matter areas!! Your dad is a scientific rockstar, and I imagine you will probably have a healthy appetite for beer one day if he's still working for the same company.  If you get some of my reading and writing skills and his math and science skills, well, you will probably go to MIT.  No pressure though.

You will love watching TV, especially shows like 30 Rock & The Office re-runs, Parks and Rec, Mad Men, Homeland, The Wire, Band of Brothers, and The Soup....mostly because those are the only things we watch!  You will probably love dogs as much as we do, and I pray that you try to ride Barley one day like he's your personal pony.  I'm not going to lie, I bet one year you actually do get a puppy for Christmas...because secretly, we will want another one too.

Even though life with us will be lots of fun and include vacations and certain privileges like having a TV in your room one day, probably getting a crappy car when you turn 16, and Oreos (dang we are going out on a limb here), we hope that you will work hard and be nice.  That's sort of the family motto.  Do your best at whatever you do, work hard to achieve your goals while following your passion, and always be nice.  You don't always have to agree with popular opinion or kiss everyone's butt, but be nice and respectful to those around you.  Life is more fulfilling as a nice person, and if you can, go the extra mile and volunteer once in a while.  We love you.

Mom and Dad


  1. Love it! I mean why push MIT on the poor kid, wouldn't any Ivy League school do? LOL about the football, seriously, and your comment about looking angry reminded me of your resting bitch face post so I am left to wonder - would Sara's baby girl suffer from RBF? Surely not. I don't think it really takes hold until a girl reaches 16, right? Either way, baby M will be totally adorable and would be invited to play with my baby M, should it ever exist. Or your Baby M can just come play with Bauer and bring me Oreos. I'm happy either way!

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  3. already setting your kid up to fail if you think he or she is going to make it to MIT ;)


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