Friday, September 27, 2013

Four Pics, Friday Five {hello weekend}

K, no one smack me but this is the first Friday I have worked all of September, and fittingly, it is the last Friday of September!  This week kinda flew by, I was busy in a good way at work, we potty-trained puppy to about an 80% success rate, and I got my first blow-out.  Next week is also jam-packed with activities, so I'm happy to have a pretty low-key weekend planned.

1.  I made this recipe for Thai Noodles and Chicken this week.  It was awesome and easy and delicious.  Total keeper. 

2.  Puppy had a winning week prancing around in his new Packers bandanna.  He got a full day of Dad time when Bryan had off on Monday, and as I mentioned earlier, he is about 80% there with being fully potty-trained to go outside.  We are still working on the "holding it" you can't just go potty in the corner because you feel like it and you just polished off your water.  So win for us!

3.  A few things here--it was 91 degrees out at 6:30 pm on Monday.  So I'm kinda done with hearing about everyone's awesome fall weather and their awesome fall outfits and their super fun fall bucket lists.  We don't get fall here, it's not a thing.  I am probably having a little trouble accepting this as it's only my second "fall" in Texas.  Post next week to follow on this.  Also point two here, 4,000 miles on the Jetta!  Seems like just yesterday she was coming home with us and we had 25 miles.  Womp womp. 

4.  I got my first blow-out.  Didn't love it.  I am a far bigger fan of my hair when it's curled the way I usually do it with my curling wand.  I ended up straightening it for work on Thursday, oh well.  It was a Groupon so no one's mad about it, and I think I would do it again, just at a different place! 

5.  No photo in sight to share of this, but tomorrow we are getting our one year anniversary pics taken, and I am so excited.  I don't think we are bringing Barley because he would probably freak out a little and not be so great at sitting or posing.  Maybe next time, buddy!  Fun fact:  I will be wearing some of my wedding jewelry and jewelry that Bryan bought me for my wedding gift for the photos.  Cannot wait to share these bad boys when we get them back from Meg! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend, cheers!



  1. My dogs are the freaking worst at posing for pics but I always bring them in anyway. I love that you're going to wear your wedding jewelry! I should wear mine more often, I loved the bracelet I wore.

  2. I'm excited for your pictures. I bet they will be amazing! I want those noodles. K I am texting you so this comment is pointless. Also are we getting together this weekend? I am confused and if the answer is no then we need HH next week, yes?

  3. I am totally with you on the hot hot weather taking away from the fall spirit a little! I mean I have been laying by the pool drinking ICED pumpkin spice lattes...does that count as fall?! ;)

  4. Oh I've always wondered about a blow out. I love to have people play with my hair and I think I would love it. Unless they made me look like a crazy person. Ha! Yay for potty training. I remember that first year with MB... it was work but it definitely paid off! I can't wait to see your anniversary pics. I wanted to have that done this past March, but we decided against it. Maybe next year? Happy Friday, and thanks for linking up today. Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

  5. you can have the 2-4 inches of rain we are supposed to get in portland this weekend if you'd like?

  6. I, too, have always wondered what the big deal is about the blow out. Your hair looks great in your pic, but did you really notice anything it did for you above and beyond what you could have done? And I couldn't agree more about the weather. The nice cooler mornings are fabulous, but I'm still sweating and blasting the AC in the afternoon. boooo!

  7. I love the idea of wearing your wedding jewelry for the pictures and I really like your hair too. I am dying to go and get a blowout; I think I might treat myself to one just for the hell of it.

  8. Stopping by from Joy's link up. Yay for puppy training! It took me nearly 2 years to fully train both of my dogs. Apparently I need to go to puppy training school! I love the idea of using your wedding jewelry! How special.

  9. Found you on the link up :) we too are almost done potty training our pup - this is the first dog we've ever had and potty training is a challenge! He's lucky he's cute!!! They are so much fun to have around.


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