Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Recap

2012 was a year of change & crazy happiness.

Wedding & married.  Cliche, but it was the best day and night of my life.  I had so much fun, and it was all as planned.

Graduated from grad school!  Which, to be honest, felt like a huge accomplishment, a lot more so than undergrad did, even though that was a big deal too.

Moved to Texas-never thought that would happen, whoa.  Props to my husband on the awesome job that brought us here and brought us so many friends.

I also declare 2012 as the year I learned to DIY stuff, mostly  as a result of Pinterest.  Things seem so easy on there!  My biggest successes are the tile coasters, wall art of maps of where we lived/live now, and printables!  Oh, and also a garland of Easter eggs made of paintchips, and another garland for Christmas.  AND my Christmas card wreath/holder/displayer.  Looking back, it's actually been a reallyyy successful DIY year, minus all of the botched manicures--those Pinterest ones are quite seriously unattainable most of the time!! And guess what, "Marshmallow" by Essie? That perfect white color you see on there all the time? It probably is.  If you have 24 hours to let six coats of it dry.  So. translucent.

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