Friday, January 18, 2013


Four highlights of this week:

1.  Celebrated a friend's birthday at a cool bar on Tuesday night.  They had a delicious beer selection, and an amazing giant pretzel with a french onion/cheese dip that was to die for.  It is called The Hay Merchant should you ever be in H-town!

2.  Saw Les Miserables this week.   It was *really* good.  I had never seen it performed before or anything, and I think I maybe read bits and pieces of it for a college course ages ago, so I liked taking it all in.

3.  Birchbox came this week.  Highlights included:  a very good face cream (Clark's Botanicals Marine Cream) that I am enjoying a lot.   A nice perfume that smells awesome (Harvey Prince Skinny Chic), and some more shampoo. I am starting to think that Birchbox thinks I have the dirtiest hair ever.  I would prefer a little less shampoo, guys/gals.

4.  This Lance Armstrong interview with Oprah is so great.  I don't even think he's truly sorry, and I like seeing her get after him.  "How do you feel about using the whore word?" "Ahhh, not, not good." Ok, Lance.

And one bummer:

The Packers lost, and then so did the Texans.  So now I guess I'm cheering for Tom Brady as a person in the playoffs.

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  1. I feel ya on this birchbox thing. I loved that skinny chic perfume, i'm obsessed. BUT apparently someone whoever personally packages mine knows I have tiny eyelashes because I've gotten 234234 bottles of mascara. Can I have some nail polish or lip gloss please? Stopping by from H54F

    1. Yeah a little more variety would be awesome sometimes. I haven't gotten any tints or shadows or nail polishes except for a highlighter once that I loved!

  2. Hi there. I'm a new follower to your blog linking up from H54F. I blog over at {Country} Life with a Front Porch View. I hope you'll pop in over at my place sometime!


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