Friday, February 22, 2013

Cherries & Lemons :: H54F

In honor of this week, in which I've had dinner with my sister and her family every night, I've decided to make this week's post "Cherries and Lemons".  Every night they go around the dinner table and everyone gives their "cherry" or best part of their day, and "lemon" or worst part of their day!  It's adorable and the kids love it.

Here are my five cherries this week:

1.  My mom's amazing recovery.  If you've read my previous post this week, you know that my mom is recovering from a stroke, seizure and brain surgery that occurred about two weeks ago now.  She is doing so well, and it's been a blessing to be here with her as she recovers.

2.  My runs have been great.  On Tuesday, I took five minutes off of my previous two-mile time by just pushing myself a little more.  Felt GREAT.  Still nothing to brag about time-wise, but it's just about getting out there and trying, right? Right.

3.  Finishing another book this week-The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.  Ok, I know millions of people finish reading books every day.  But since finishing grad school almost a year ago (!!) I went into decompression mode where I did not want to read anything, even mindless crap.  I tried 50 Shades and immediately despised the writing so much that I quit.  Didn't even care that I had wasted $10 on it.  I  have now read multiple books in the last few months--post to follow soon on what those were.

4.  I will be seeing the hubstigation in about 36 hours, and I'm so thrilled since it's been about 12 days now since we have seen each other.  We will also get to have our belated Valentine's Day date at some point in the near future which I'm also pumped for!

5.  Today marks our five month wedding anniversary.  It's been a roller coaster of crazy lately, but we've pulled through, and for that, a few photos:

Bride needed a french fry stat after the ceremony!
Wind caught my veil at the exact right moment.
Favorite ladies.
Milwaukee River in the Historic Third Ward.
Our ridiculously gorgeous venue.  Grain Exchange in Milwaukee.
First dance.
Party time! 
 Linking with Lauren at FMGD for High Five for Friday! Happy Friday y'all!

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