Tuesday, March 5, 2013

D.C. in 8 Hours or Less

Well I had some writer's block so I thought I'd share some photos and quips from my 8 hour trip to D.C. in November.  I was in Baltimore for two weeks for training and I had one Sunday off to do as I pleased!  So, I took the train to D.C. and wandered around all day.  Note:  I had breakfast at my hotel in Baltimore that morning, and ate a late lunch of a Diet Coke and a Nathan's hot dog on the fly so there won't be any awesome food pics below :(
waiting for the train and wearing my new cognac boots!
 I started out at The Smithsonian American History Museum and saw lots of awesome stuff-but quickly!  So I just saw the "big highlights" I guess.  I don't have any photos of the first ladies' inaugural gowns, but they were amazing to see.  Dorothy's ruby red slippers were away on display somewhere else so I missed those!

Babe Ruth autographed baseball
*the* hate Lincoln was wearing when he was assassinated  
Then I went to the National Holocaust Museum-where taking photos is not allowed, but it was the most powerful place I visited.  I spent the longest amount of time there-about two hours-over anywhere else.  Honestly I could have easily spent a whole day there.  

After the whirlwind museum tours I started at the Washington Monument and worked my way through all of the monuments at the mall. 

Lincoln...he's been so hot lately
Washington Monument from steps of the Lincoln Monument.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument
Vietnam War Memorial
"proof" pic I sent to my hubby
Washington Monument at night (and instagrammed) while I was walking back to the  subway
I got a great little taste for D.C. seeing as how the last time I was there I was 9 and got the flu!  I would love to go back and try out some restaurants, go to the Georgetown area and see more museums.  I think about 3-4 days would cover it! But it was a lovely 8 hours.

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog! OOO that looks so fun! I really want to go to DC. I'm glad you made the trek and did a ton of different things! Your blog is so cute, and glad to meet someone else from Texas! Newest follower!



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