Friday, April 19, 2013

Weekly Five :: H54F

1.  I am brewing up a really cool DIY  to go above our involves newspaper, canvas, and paint :)  Also, this one is an original--not from Pinterest, not from another blog--totes my brainchild with input from the mr.
me no likey so much empty space
 2.  I got glasses!!  Ok, well I've actually always worn contacts and/or glasses (my eyesight is pretty sketchy).  But I've had the same pair for the last 3 years and they aren't very cool anymore, and frankly they were probably never cool. So I am very, very excited to have a pair that I would actually wear to work/out/etc.  They will be here in a couple of weeks!
turns out it's super awkward to take pics of yourself in the optometrist's office!!

3.  With the help of Adriana over at Dog Hair is An Accessory replying to my desperate tweet for a comment, I finally got my comments situation straightened out.  Before, I was replying "on the blog" and not via e-mail (sorry guys, if you didn't get a reply/didn't think you did, now you know why & in the future, all will be different!!)--because comments were getting lost in my personal e-mail account, and not going to my blog account!  So, it's straightened out now, and FYI, definitely check out Adriana's blog, it's hilarious.

As a side note, I have three gmail accounts open at any given time--my "maiden name" account, my "married name" account, and of course, the blog account.  #thatshitcray

4.  We have begun looking for our furbaby to join us at our new apartment!  This is so exciting, and we could not be more excited to get a little guy or gal pup to join our home.  We have been wanting to adopt a dog for a really long time, so it's exciting to know that in a couple months we will be there!

If you want to feel some of the total joy we have felt looking at adorable pups, watch this for like five minutes:

from buzzfeed
5. I got a call for a *very* exciting job opportunity and have an interview on Monday. This is a "dream job" situation, folks,.

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  1. GIRL! Thanks for the shout out :)

    And this whole post is full of such great things! You're glasses look super cute, I'm pupmed for you about your interview (pleaseee tell me how it goes!) and PUPPIES! (Can I tell you I yawned when I watched them yawn?)

    I need to have contant Operation Puppy updates. Like pics of possible pups, names, breeds, shelters. Our puppy search lasted like 7 months!

  2. yay happy friday girl. loving those glasses and so jealous of your furbaby hunt! Can't wait to see the new addition!

  3. I love "completely original ideas"! It almost seems like those are impossible to come by these days! Can't wait to see what you come up with! Newest follower!!

  4. Fabulous!! Good luck with your diy project!! Can't wait to see how it turns out :)


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