Monday, May 20, 2013

A Q&A with the Mr.

Since I'm out of town, Bryan agreed to do a Q&A that will give you a little more insight to who I am, who we are, and what the hell we do and would like to do in the future! 

Introduce yourself!
What’s up ya’ll. I’m Bryan, Sara’s less than better half, her husband. You may know me as “B” or “him” or “the one from whom all headaches stem” from her posts, I think. 

Hugging his prized buck from hunting season '08 (i think)
What are some things everyone should know about what it’s like to live with me?
HAHA. Um. Well, besides the normal guy/girl differences, the ABSOLUTE WORST part is when she leaves her used Kleenex in bed, or leaving them in the couch cushions for me to find later :)

What is the most fun thing we’ve ever done together?
This one time in San Antonio we got really drunk at a bar called Brass Monkey. It sounds lame, but I think we’d both agree that it was epically fun.

Another fun night, Halloween 2010
What was the first meal that I ever cooked for you? Was it any good?
I think this question is set up for me to stress Sara’s awesomeness... It was bacon wrapped chicken with red pepper flake cheese sauce. It was and still is noms city all stars.  (Note from Sara:  This was not a set-up, but here's a link to the exact recipe he's talking about, now I can call it the man-keeper or something :: Bacon-Wrapped Goodness)

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love watching TV with me?  If you had to pick one show that is “our show”, what would it be?
I love watching TV with Sara. We never fight over the remote at all. She’s the best because not only will she let me watch golf on a sunday, but she will actually watch it with me and “ask for pointers” while air golf swinging. It doesn't get any better than that. But seriously, our favorite show we watch together is Mad Men. It’s the best show in the history of shows... (if you don’t agree I’ll have Sara post spam on your blogs)

What hobby would you like to see us try sometime in the future?
Dream scenario: Running 5 miles together with Furbaby Metzger between us
I’d settle for: Golfing 18 holes together every Sat and Sun

How competitively awful am I when it comes to board games/game nights/anything at all related to sports/bets/games?
One time we played monopoly and I won. Now we can’t play monopoly anymore. :l

If we could go anywhere together, where would we go? Your pick!
Europe. Fa sho. Oktoberfest? Italy? Greece? Spain? I want it all.

under the sea?
Has the blog taken over our life yet?
No, it hasn’t. It’s fun for her, and fun for me to read in the background. I’ve been telling Sara for years to start a blog because she is so funny and people really love what she has to say. I’m glad she finally started.

What would you throw out and burn from my side of the closet?
Once the Chicago Cubs T shirt was gone, I had no complaints... but sometimes she wears things that are “girl cute.” That’s all I can say without getting in trouble..
probs one of my girl cute hats
Parting words?
I love my wife, and so should you. I encouraged her to start her blog because I know everyone would think she is as friggin’ cool as I do. So let her know how cool she and her blog is by leaving her comments about it! Also, if you don’t mind, keep reminding her how lucky she is to have such a sweet husband!


Sincerely hers,



  1. haha this is fun!!! :)


    also you're hubby is super cute and i love that he loves you so much. Also I think your "girl cute" hat is cute.


    lahve you.

  3. haha very cute! My husband and I have a very similar monopoly story from when we were dating... Luckily, we were able to look past it, but we found some other games to play instead lol

  4. I love Brass Monkey. I'm from San Antonio so I know that it is not lame to have an epically good time at Brass Monkey. :)

    Found your blog from... I don't know... I was clicking around. Yay Texas blogs. Another one to follow. :)


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