Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday in Chicago

When I'm in Chicago today,

prancing around town with my pals!
sipping a cocktail, hands up!

Most importantly, I'm back in town celebrating THIS girl's graduation from law school (pictured above at our wedding)!!   

It's been a wild ride since we first met in August of 2008 at the law firm we both worked at then.  We bonded pretty much immediately, over our love of bars in Chicago, and her disgust at me never having had Popeye's chicken.  We have matching tattoos that say "what friends are for", aka our tagline.  It also shows up as #wfaf

You will probably not hear from me for a few days since I will also be visiting my familia in Wisconsin through late Tuesday night, but I'll be back on Thursday with original material!

Enjoy posts from my guest bloggers in the meantime :)


  1. Love it and you, thanks for coming!!! #wfaf

  2. Have fun in Chicago! Such a great city!

  3. Would Love for you to join my link party where we pin all who join at

  4. I just started following you and I love your blog! It's super funny and very clever! I am a new blogger and nominated you for a blogging award! Check out my blog!

  5. Lol!!! The Shahs of Sunset gif is my absolute fave!! So fun!


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