Friday, May 3, 2013

May = July or Yikes, I'm a Midwesterner :: H54F

Well, it's MAY! Which to me was always the signal that it's officially spring, but it's like 85 here already, so I better re-adjust my expectations of "spring and summer", like this handy photo demonstrates:

Looks like it's just summer heading into summerer any day now! PS-also love how I live in the only "humid to sticky" portion of the state apparently? Yay for the Gulf of Mexico being an hour away.

Here's the usual five:

1.  Created my signature for my blog: (which obviously I could have you scroll down to see, but no) There have also been quite a few other changes to the blog--all of my blog love will be on my left sidebar now, and link-ups, ways to follow, and my previous posts are on the right hand side.  I'm an html wizard, y'all!

2.  Totes love my new glasses (still)

3.  Started packingggg--oh no.  Packing is so much work, and requires so much tape.  Forgot how much I hated it actually.  It will all be worth it right?

4.  Set up auto pay on my student loans!  This sounds really boring to everyone, but is a nice step in getting my shit together.

5.  Psyched up for tomorrow, which is the Kentucky de Mayo party-combining the best of this weekend, with both derby goodness and Cinco goodness.

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  1. Your new site layout looks awesome! Hail to the html wizard!:)

  2. 1. the blog looks beautifullll
    2. KENTUCKY de MAYO?! This is Genius.

  3. Auto pay is the only way my student loans would get paid. I'd absolutely forget to pay each month if I had to send a check!

  4. Loving your new setup!!!!

    I love the whole summer and summerer thing!!! We reached 70s this week but now its down to 50 something, boooo. Its so funny because here hasnt been one time when we've gone to Louisiana and it hasnt been hot. January of 202 we went down. I thought that bringing pants and sweatpants would be ok since it was January after all. Plus the fact that all my summer stuff was tucked away for winter. I was so wrong. I was brutal...I have learned my lesson

    Auto pay is amazing. I dont know what I'd do without it. I probably wouldnt forget to pay it but just not having to actually do it is nice. Plus they take it out on the same day every month.


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