Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What I'm Pinning

I think I will joining in on this link-up from now on to share with you guys what I'm pinning and what I'm just loving on Pinterest!  I pin a lot of my own pins from websites, so I will try to focus on sharing those, rather than ones that are more common!

i'm not a big "everything has to be clean eating, vegan yay!" person. obviously. you've seen the other stuff I make! but when it comes to sweets, i love to cut a corner if it means you can indulge a little extra!

for furbaby! we would like to get a nice leather leash/collar and i love this one

this looks delicious

in love.

i love the office and will miss it a lot :(

another cute collar for future pup


  1. I'm loving all these!!! The Brownie bites and cake have me sold!!!! I always love when sweets are a little healthier. I honestly never really taste a differece between regular and low fat type of sweets. My mom says the same thing: you can eat more than one this way. I love the Green bay Packers collar. Our dog wears a harness now but he's rocked an LSU collar and a patriots one. Along with a Red Sox and currently a Bruins leash. Needless to say, I'm not the one whos chosen this stuff....

  2. Mmm that cake with raspberry buttercream!! I want it!!

  3. I am not such a friend with pinterest :D

    New follower from I love my post


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