Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday GIFs #2

When someone asks me when we're having kids, 

thx jenna maroney/30 rock::via
  I've had strangers straight up tell me I'm getting old for kids.  And that we're married, so obviously we should have kids.  "Don't you want kids? After all, you're heading into your late 20s already."

I'm thrilled for all of my friends who are having kids this coming year, and they are all going to be amazing and wonderful parents.  We aren't there yet & that's just fine with us.

Frankly, we also want to go to Europe.


  1. haha I love your last sentence. My hubby and I want to do the same!

  2. Yes, go to Europe first. Chances are, you won't have the time, money, or energy to dance around Europe with kids. And you are NOT getting too old for kids:) Geez, mind ya business, people!

  3. tell them to mind their own business, we're getting married in Oct and I know those questions will start rolling out quickly (he will be 30 and me 26)

  4. Of course! We have a list of things to do before we have kids. Buy a house, go to Europe, go to Disney World, buy new cars, so much to do :)


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