Monday, May 6, 2013

The Weekender :: Vol. 4

I wish I could say something really productive came out of this weekend, but that definitely did not happen.

What did happen is the following:

1.  We spent Friday night staying in, eating delicious chili I made.  And then trying to watch The Hobbit.  I really wanted to watch it, and get on board with it, mostly because I had to.  Because it's on the IMDB Top 250 and is thus an unfortunate part of my 30 for 30.  Well, fail.  I just...couldn't.  Bryan liked it, but I was struggles mcgee all night.

2.  Saturday we put these bad boys together, with recipe to follow this week:

Yes, they are cream cheese/gorgonzola stuffed jalaps wrapped in bacon with a little BBQ swiped on top.

3.  We went to our friend's house for a Cinco de Derby party/food grub down.  Mint juleps abounded with ladder golf and homemade carnitas and of course, a chile pepper pinata. 

pre-derbs de mayo car pic, of course.

Bryan prepping to toss it up to our friend who was wielding a baseball bat...why do it the old school way when you can just smash it open in the house?

4.  As a result of Saturday shenanigans, we spent Sunday eating kolaches, buying the last mother's day present we needed and finishing off with (in my opinion) the best episode of Mad Men this season.  SPOILERS::  another merger SCDP? Pete's FIL at a brothel?!  Peggy sorta kinda def works for DON, AGAIN?! Also Pegs hates her new apt she purchased, and her boyfriend. 

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  1. Ok I'm drooling over the poppers! Glad you had a good weekend girlfriend!

  2. Hey there! Here from the Blog Hop! Just wanted to let you know I'm following you via bloglovin' and GFC! Hope you'll get a chance to check me out :o)


  3. You didn't like the Hobbit? Sad! I actually did like that one (kind of shocking for me)
    You look cute in your hat! Gotta love the car pics :)

  4. hi, i'm following the "collective blog hop" and i would love for you to visit my blog and follow if you like it.

    new follower bev

  5. Stopped by from The Collective and started following on google friend connect. Sounds like a fun weekend! I still haven't seen The Hobbit. I'm hoping that since I loved the Lord of the Rings I will be able to get through it, but we'll see!

    Ashley @


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