Friday, June 7, 2013

Fan Friday :: Sitcoms Have Taught Me Sports

Today, it's Fan Friday!  Sarah created this beautiful outlet for sports musings, and it's first run was last week, so excited to be joining up this week!

Venus Trapped in Mars

My post title is a little misleading, my Dad and Bryan have probably taught me everything I know about sports.

Like why a strong offensive line is equally, if not more important than a defensive line.

And how to be competitive and argue with fans of other teams (this is mostly just knowing YOUR own team really well so you can dispute the accusations).

Also all about the intricacies of football--it helps when your husband is a former state champ QB who also played wide receiver and kicked for the extra point.  Not to mention, I grew up with a Badgers Christmas tree, and an autographed painting of Reggie White in the family room.

But, despite all of their efforts, I've still managed to take away important sporting lessons from my favorite sitcoms over the years, and today I'll share them with you.

Sometimes, shopping is cardio 

If you hit golf balls off Rockaway Beach, they might almost kill a whale by blocking his blowhole

By hitting 1200 golf balls the night before a round of 18, you might get a few blisties.  And then have to put lotion into your golf glove.

If you are famous, you automatically golf with only other famous people.  And make plans to hang out as famous couples.

In the world of fantasy football, you can always burn your team to the ground and start over next year.

When trying to be a great athlete, work on being the BEST human possible first.  
Always follow the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness.

If you're racing your friend, don't be afraid to lose helping them out.
Because they ran in girl shoes wearing a speedo.

If you have a mid-life crisis, join a WNBA jazz dance team.

Know your shit.  Or your friends will mock you for more than your horrible taste in apparel.

Finally, if you want to get promoted with the Yankees, just drag the World Series trophy around the parking lot.


  1. Haha I am obsessed with this post! We clearly have the exact same taste in sitcoms, I watch ALL of these.
    I basically base my entire life off the Swanson pyramid of greatness.

  2. Haha this is awesome!! Loved it- especially the Liz Lemon WNBA!

  3. Hahahahha oh how I love this. Tim Brady, lololol.

    I wish I didn't suck at golf. I feel like tons of cool shit happens on the golf course. All I can do is pretty much drive the cart.

  4. Yay! That's where ALL my sport knowledge is from, too. :)

    Also, shopping IS cardio ALWAYS if you do it right.

  5. So awesome. That group of golfer could not be hotter. I'd like in on that foresome. (hah) And you watch the show "The Leauge"?? I LOVE that show, that pic of Andre is from one of my fav episodes!

  6. hahah love this! I missed the past season of the League and I'm really hoping Netflix adds it soon! Funniest show ever.

  7. but no really the League is the greatest show ever!!!!!!!!!!


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