Thursday, July 18, 2013

Half-Marathon Training or "Why Did I Do This?"

**Disclaimer:  I have no idea what I'm talking about.  I'm not a science person, a doctor, or anything like that.  I just know what's working for me right now.**

Let's be real.  I am not anyone's definition of an athlete except for my own.

So today's post will cover the ins and outs of starting from scratch when it comes to training for a half-marathon, which is basically what I'm doing now.

I can run a mile plus a little extra no problem.  That is/was my starting point.

I did a lot of research on plans to follow, and how to prep, and basically came up with the following formula:

Frequency + Distance = Finishing a Half Marathon

Basically, committing to training on the regular is a huge part of this.  That combined with increasing your distance, even if it means slowing down or *gasp*, WALKING, is important.  Your body has to adjust to being in motion for a longer period of time, period.  

I read on one site that "moving forward is what matters", especially in the beginning stages.  Eventually your body will get used to it, but now it's about training for endurance, and the mileage will follow.  

I caught on fast that if i skip a cardio day at the gym, it really messes with my ability to see progress in my runs, so I am definitely adding in straight cardio on my off-days from running.

Part of my issue is that I absolutely hate running inside on a treadmill.  I truly prefer to be outside and be getting fresh air and setting marks for myself "k, make it to that trash can, then make it to the that gazebo."  

Isn't this view of Hermann Park better than a gym?!  We are lucky enough to live dead across the street from this, so I have a perfect training track right outside my door, hence my further dislike for the gym.

Sooo yeah...I still have lots of time to train, and I'm obviously not going to break any records, but finishing that halfsie in January will feel pretty damn amazing.  

Coming soon will be a guest post from my dear friend from all the way back to high school on yoga flows for runners! 

She is amazing, as this photo proves:

To tide yourself over until her post follow her on IG @angiestarz24, and check out her website: 

If you are lucky enough to live in Chicago, she teaches lots of great classes there! 

Annnd of course, training tips are welcome! I'd love to hear how you powered through your half or full marathon!

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